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In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


25. What did i just do?

Jessica's p.o.v


I wake up with a strong arm holding me. I move his arm to get up and stretch , this bed makes my back hurt.

"You okay?"I hear Zayn say behind me, I turn around and look at him

"Yeah, it's just my back. It hurts." He sat up and walked to my side of the bed and put his hands on my shoulders and started to massage my neck and then my back, 

"Lay on your stomach." he said and i did, He got on top with legs spread out on each side of my hips and started to lift my shirt up but stopped.

"You trust me?" he asked,

"Yes." and with that he took my shirt completely off and started to massage my whole back.

"Gosh this feels good." oops did i just say that out loud . I started to blush and i could tell he was to even if i wasn't looking at him.

"I hope so." He said as he got off of me making me frown . I started to turn over but then remembered i had no shirt on so i reached for the shirt but couldn't find it, so i grabbed the blanket and wrapped my self , I sat up and looked at Zayn and he had the biggest smile on.

"What?"i asked knowing he was up to something , then i saw he had the shirt in his hands.

"Give it!" i yelled, he started laughing and grabbed his pants putting them on and ran to the door.

" come and get it!" he yelled, i got up pulling the sheets with me and ran towards him. I corner him and with my free hand reached for the shirt but he kept moving it.

" Come on Zayn!" i yelled and he just started to laugh harder

"Fine!" i said and went into the bathroom , before i closed the door and turned to him giving him a playful evil eye and he had the biggest grin on. I was in the bathroom for 2 minutes, with Zayn trying to get me out 

"Come jessie ! I will give it back!" he said knocking 

" do you promise?"

"yes!" he said and i unlocked the door and he came inside

"What are you doing?" i asked as he closed the door behind him

"Giving you the shirt. I will help you put it on."

" I think i can dress myself." i said but he kept moving closer

"I don't want your back to get worse. You said you trusted me. Right?" i nodded and he turned me around so i was facing the wall. He slowly pulled the sheet down so i was just in my panties. 

"Do you want to turn around?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders but kept my place. I felt his hand snake up my hips and he lifted me up on the counter. I looked up at him and he was biting his lip looking down at my chest then my eyes then my lips. He looked in to my eyes and it felt like i was caught under his spell.

"When we kissed last night , I felt something. Did you?" he asked and i just stared at his eyes and then down at his perfectly toned abs. I bit my lip as he pushed his way in between my legs. i wrapped my legs around his waist and looked back up at him.

"Yes." he picked me up and headed to the bed . he laid me down and got on top and start to kiss my neck making me let out a soft moan 

"Do you want me as much as i want you?" he asked 

" Yes i do." i said as i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. he pulled the cover over us and it went from there.


After me and Zayn, you know we started to get dressed. i put on something i got yesterday and I remembered something. I went into one of the bags and pulled some guy clothes out.

"Hey Zayn!"

"Yeah?" he said as he put his shirt on. I walked over and stopped him and took it off.

"Round two?" he said with a smirk

" No i grabbed you this when we were shopping , it was going to be a surprise." i gave him the clothes and gave him a peck on the lips. What was i doing? I sat on the bed and stared at my lap. Zayn must have knew something was wrong because he sat next to me and pulled me on to his lap. What did i just do?




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