Im here for you

In this story you will meet all of the boys in one direction , in this they aren't currently in the band but some are best mates. You will read and soon find out what happened between them. And how one girl could make or break them ALL apart.


7. The Call

It was Louis . I was going to ignore it but I didn't . I answered

" hello ?"

" hi Jessie !"

" hi Louis ."

" what's wrong ?" Was it that noticeable he could hear it though my voice.

" n-nothing ." I say in a happier voice but it cracked

"Jessie , you can tell me. "

" Louis I don't even know you , we met at a bar!"

" maybe I should come over and we can get to know each other ?"

Remembering Harry's coming over made me frown , I really want Louis to come over , but Lia- .. Ugh why am I going to listen to Liam?!

" yeah sure , but I have some one coming over and he's gonna be here any second ."

" who Liam ?"

"n-no" just the sound of his voice makes me upset!

" it's okay I will talk to you another time ."

" no come over , I will text you my address "

" ok see you soon , "

" Ok ." I hang up and text my address as a knock on my door startled me.

" come in !"

I say as I walk over to the door and it opens as a tall , brown curly hair , green eyes walks in .

" hi Jess !" Harry says pulling me into a tight hug

" hi Harry ." I say in a very less happy way

" so are you going to tell me about Liam ?"

" what is there to say ..? Did he send you here to make me talk to him ? Because IM NOT !!!!"

" no , I'm mean he's very sorry about everything , and he doesn't want you to hate him !"

"Harry ! Please just tell him to meet me tomorrow at 10 am , the park on liberty street."

" oka-" he stops and turns to the door because someone knocked , he turns to me and walks to the door.

" Harry stop !" I didn't want him to see Louis because he would go and tell Liam but before I knew it the door shut behind Harry as they both were out side . I ran to the door at the sound of Harry yelling.

" leave and don't come back !"

" ok so I don't even get a hi or a hug ?"

" Louis , I swear if you don't lea-"

" HARRY ! " I scream as I walk towards him and he turns to mean with a red face .

" Harry you need to leave now ! "

" Jess ."

" leave." I say quietly giving him a sad / scared look.

" fine but call me if you need anything , or if this dirtbag messes with you." He said concerned

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Louis's arm pulling him in my house and shutting the door .

"You need to tell me what happen between you and all them ."I say with a serious face

" okay but , I just want you to know I'm not the bad guy here . Everything I'm going to tell you is true and I don't want you to think about me differently ." Louis says with a straight face

" okay ." I said as I walk over to the couch and sit motioning him to sit next to me . He sits and looks at me.

" it all started when we were in high school , in the 10 grade when me and Harry were good mates. We hung out all the time and one night , Harry brought his girl friend with him when we went to the bar , we all had a lot of drinks and Harry was dancing and making out with this other girl and his girl friend started crying and so me and her left the club and went to her house so I could get her to bed and she was all messed you so she started clinging on to me. And so we had , you know . " he looked up at me and saw how shocked I was . " Harry found out and him, Liam , Niall and Zayn came to my house and jumped me and told me if I stayed here they would kill me . I was only in high school , so I didn't know anything , I was here alone with my family in England , I told my dad r everything and he bought me a ticket and I went back ."

" Louis I'm so sorry !" I don't know if this was true or not but the way he said it made it all true .

" so why did you come back ?" I asked

" I thought it was all over and I made friends when I was here so I came back for a short vacation about 3 weeks ago but decided to stay since nothing really happened , well , till now ." He says sorely

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