Escape (Harry Styles FanFiction)

"2022, October 15, the day of the famous Harry Styles disappeared and Lily Collins, daughter-Styles Nadia Styles is still missing. Everybody who saw this girl, please immediately notify the police," said a woman on the news, and soon appeared in the four-year old girl picture in large letters at the bottom wrote searched. Soon the mother came back crying and Harry immediately to the self-trapping himself not but nurturing. Police trying to make everything a girl could not find the whole week, and for the ransom had not been calling. Harry can not bear the thought that her daughter will not see it himself takes the initiative. Begin to search for their missing daughter.


1. One



Harry POV



All probably started when Nadia then started attending kindergarten. Every day there stood a black car. I always thought that it was just one of the parent car and they also came to pick up their child as I do .. but turns out I was wrong, and even extreme. I blame myself because I didn't notice that until it is too weird. I blame myself for the fact that my little girl now has to be somewhere with strangers, and I do not even know if they are not hurt, and if they choose to return to us healthy and alive. I cry, because I can not do nothing. I am helpless as the police, who have a whole week absolutely nothing.  Lily does not cease crying, she was shouting to attract the police station because they do nothing to reassure her struggling. Although both of them are angry, but blame them because the ransom still not making calls. All have speculated that they had better hide, and we have not found them.


After a long time I'm trying to convince Lily to come home and relax , I finally managed to convince her that , and she did not want to . Her body simply demanded rest. Her eye was blackened , and the same pale . As soon as it came into the house she went into the bedroom immediately fell asleep unlike me. He went into the operating room , I started to think in some places it could be , what it did and why . I'm wondering about the whole time trying to got to figure out something , but I just looked at her daughter's picture on the table and tried not but . Suddenly my phone rang made ​​me push the thoughts away and focus on it. Quickly grabbed the mobile answered and attached to the ear :
- As you know , we 've got your daughter - said a thick voice , I could not understand this man or woman.
- Dad what they ... - I heard Nadia 's voice that made ​​me stupefy .
- Honey , you do everything ger ..
- The ransom call you tomorrow for the second hour, no police , otherwise never see - a quick interruption me Grinding the voice and hung up.
I had to sit for a few good minutes to suvokčiau what had just happened. I just need to give the money back , and both will be able to see her Lily .

The next day, on the morning of our house was packed, the police with all their equipment while waiting for the call. Only this time, Lily even more crying. She cried, cried and cried again grasped my shirt. No matter how I tried to soothe it completely failed. Even my sister who flew the short flight from Paris leaving her boyfriend for another flight. Our mother went mad at something less than us, and it's even more uncomfortable.

I could not stop watching the clock and finally just the second day of my mobile started to ring , having received permission from the police answered :
- How the police? - As soon as I heard .
- Do not seek my daughter is more important to me - I said he did not betray trying .
- I have five days to collect hundreds of millions of dollars for the local call back later - again fast grinding and hung up.
- Damn, did not manage to track down !
- Honey, if I could hear ? - Lily came up to me and I slowly shook my head.
I guess I just turn around quickly grabbed the girl to him . He took her in his arms soon I laid on the couch , and soon I added to the nose of ammonia which gave me Gemma . Lily was not going to even respond to this because it taps over cheeks still holding ammonia, while my mom checked her pulse. To me, the cold wave of the officers after opening windows and doors to fresh air . Lily mom brought cold water so it slightly apšlaksčiau noting how her eyelids moves :
- Well my dear awake - whispered still watching it .
I open my eyes Lily hard and thrust them at me immediately after they began again to build up in tears :
- Everything will be okay ... - Whispered , kissing her forehead . - I would find it ..





Hi, i hope you like it, so it's my other story.

Sorr, if you found grammar errors.


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