This story is to enter the Movella Christmas Advent Calander competition
This probably won't win due to some of the topics, but I feel that this is a realistic topic.
But I hope you enjoy this story of hope and Christmas miracles :)


3. The Fall

~~I skipped home.
I got it!
I got it, I got it, I got it!
The one gift that Sam wanted, and I got it!
I was buzzing!
I unlocked the door, feeling elevated that the weight in my paper bag was Sam's perfect gift!
I shut the door, and proceeded to the kitchen.
But I stopped halfway.
The bathroom door was open and I could hear the soft trickle of tap water.
An instant fear gripped me.
"Hello?" I timidly called.
"Robyn... Don't come in."
It was Sam.
"Why not?"
My voice was shallow and shaky.
"Just... Don't."
His voice wasn't his.
I inched forward to the door that was creaked open.
"I mean it, Robyn. I can see your shadow."
My head was detached from my body. My legs kept dragging me forward.
I reached the door and I unwillingly pushed it fully open.
"Sam!" I whispered when I finally looked in.
He was sitting on the toilet, the tap running, scissors in hand and a towel on his lap.
His fist was clenched and his arm was tense.
His face was both angry and saddened.
His blood was everywhere.
"I told you to stay there, Robyn."
"Why, Sam?" I shakily asked. "You've been clean for so long."
He looked ashamed as soon as I said that.
"You haven't..." I said quietly.
"I'm sorry Robyn... I needed to cut, and with Christmas and family and stuff, I knew I wouldn't be able to for a while... I needed this Robyn."
"You needed it?!" I lashed out, tears pouring down my cheeks on their own accord.
"Robyn, I"
"No, Sam! You lied to me! You let the monsters take over again and you let them push me away!"
"I thought that you of all people would understand" he snarled.
"If you thought I'd understand, why didn't you come talk to me!" I snapped.
He grabbed loads of tissues and covered his arms, standing up.
"Sit down Sam! You'll make yourself ill!"
"What do you care?!" he spat. "You only care about yourself!"
"You only care about the monsters!" I yelled.
The air was filled with only our heavy breathing.
"I shouldn't have said that" I said weakly.
"You say what you mean when you're angry" he said spitefully. He pushed by me and stormed towards the door.
"Sam? Where are you going?" I desperately asked.
He didn't answer, but just slammed the door shut behind him.

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