This talks about a young girl name Nikki who gets bullied and incoming events happens....


1. Monday Morning

"Wake up honey, it's Monday so you've got to get ready for school", my mum says as she taps me gently knowing my bruises. "Ok, I'm up", I reply softly in my morning voice. *Mum walks out while I get up to walk to the bathroom* "Remember what happened yesterday?" "Just look in that mirror and look at what you are", my mind seems to say. *I look up cautiously and see what I am* "Oh god, I'm fat" "they weren't lying", I say with quiet sobs. I slowly creep up to the scale and prepare myself for what I'm about to see. *scale shows 90 pounds* "omg it's too much", I say loudly almost into a scream. I start to pull of each of my clothing until I'm just in my bra and underpants. Horrified I look at myself, "oh god I'm a fat monster". I pull at my little fats. "Nikki, are you okay", my little brother DJ asks me. I open the door a crack and fakes a smile, "yeah I'm ok just getting ready for school". DJ gives a half nod and walks downstairs. *looks at time* "Shit I'm soon late", I say as I pull on my skinny jeans with oversized shirt then I pull on socks and vans then my sweater. Finally I brush my teeth and my hair then grabs my book bag and runs downstairs. "Honey aren't you going to eat", my mum says before I make it out the door. "Actually no, Courtney is waiting outside for me so I'll eat at the cafeteria", I say in a obnoxious voice. "Oh alright", my mum says as I practically run out the door. "You know I don't see why I still pick you up", Courtney says in a teasing voice. "Well that's what friends are for", I say in a high sophisticated voice and we both burst out laughing. Courtney turns on the radio and we sing out as loud as we can without noticing anybody. I stop for a moment to look at her thinking, "I'm going to miss her, when that time comes and I can't handle it anymore I hope she'll stay strong". Courtney starts to look at me and I start singing again.

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