I miss him.!

Hazel Hart, lives with her Sister Nikki Hart and her daughter Bryn Payne and boyfriend Liam payne, Hazel gets bullied while Liam and her boyfriend are on Tour...


1. Chapter 1

Hazels P.O.V

The light beamed through the window blinds, it hurts my eyes so I put the blanket over my face, then my alarm went off, so now it's officially the Friday morning of my last day of this school, then me and Nikki move to London.. It's really sucks because I move all the time when i was a kid, I moved with Nikki so  I wouldn't have to but now i have to move again, which she's doing for My niece and her boyfriend, as well as mine. Ive always been bullied and I cut myself, which I date the hottest guy in the world, Harry Styles and he dosent know about me cutting, " Haz, get up last day of school" Nikki yelled. I got up, and hopped in the shower and got out, scrunched my hair, did very little makeup: mascara,eyeliner, and lipgloss, I put on my skinnies, white shirt that says my name Hazel, and put my hug boots, it's freezing here and I refuse to ride the bus so I walk to school.. I walked down and gave 5 year old Bryn a kiss on the forehead, and told Nikki bye and left for school, my phone started to ring I answered it " Hello" i said. " Hi Haz" only Lou calls me that " Lou is that you" I said with a smile on my face walking on to campous, " Yeah, how is your day" he asked. " so far good. But im going to school so it will be worse" I said. " No it won't be, trust me, Haz misses you like crazy he never shuts up about you" I kinda laughed. " I miss him like crazy too" I said letting a tear drop from my eye, I whipped it. " Stop that crying" he said. " How do you know I'm crying", "Turn around" I turned around and 5 boys were behind me, I screamed which I had all eyes on me, a

all the girls yelled its one direction, I ran to them and hugged them, security got the other girl " Why do want her she's ugly" Savannah yelled, I cried and hugged Harry, he gave her a death glare all the boys did " Harry you can so so much better" another girl yelled. " Haz, I have to get away from them" I cried to harry. " Come on guys were taking her in there" we all walked I walked with my face in Harry's cheast and he was rubbing my back, the other surrounding us. " Who is that with them" a sweet girls voice said. They looked at me " That's Hazel" her friend said. " What is she doing with them, I deserve being with them not her" a rude Girl said. " That's my girlfriend your talking about" Harry snapped at them. " Harry ignore them. That's what I do" I said to him. " No, you don't deserve this" he said. " Zayn.. " I winned. " Hazel you don't deserve this" the others said. " just come on, I need to clean my locker out" we walked away. I walked to my locker, and opened it.. No one messed with me cause the boys were around me.. I looked to my right and there were pictures of me and the Boys, no one seen them before but me,I took off the picture and handed it to one of the boys "what's this" Louis asked. " that's was the day we meet, at the smoothie shop" they all smiled. I cleaned out my locker and went to say bye to all my teacher.. And finally I could leave

authors note

i hope you guys like it, please comment, like,fav and fan me I will fan back..

~ Sierra~ 

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