Jeanie is a 14 year old girl with Asperger's. She like even numbers and patterns. She doesn't like being touched or bright colours. Every day of her life is pretty much the same. Until the school decides to have a talent show.


3. Chapter 6

~~The next day was very similar to Tuesday. But Thursday something happened. We have assembly on Thursday. It’s taken by the head teacher Mr Becket. Today he stood in front of us in his suit. And announced there would be a talent contest at the end of the month. He said everyone would be allowed to enter. But the act must be approved by him or are teacher. The acts could be no more than fifteen minutes long. Less if more people sign up. I wondered if I should take part. I thought of all the things I’m good at. I can do maths. I know the name of every volcano. And how big it is. And where it is. And when it last erupted. I know a lot about Manx cats. I know every language in the world. And can say hello in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Urdu, Polish, Latin and Scottish. I can cook packet meals. And I can ride a scoter. But these aren’t really talents. They’re knowledge and skills. So I decided to find a talent I could do. I made a list in my head.
1) Dance
2) Sing
3) Act
4) Play and instrument
5) Dramatic Reading
6) Mime
7) Magic Tricks
8) Acrobatics
9) Train an animal to do tricks
10) Juggle
11) Tell Jokes

Then I went through all the possibilities to see if I could do them.
1) Might be able to
2) I sing in church every second Sunday
3) I can’t act X
4) I don’t know how to play any instruments because I never take music X
5) When I read something out I start of quiet and get louder. But I could do it
6) Mime is silent acting. Maybe I could do it.
7) I don’t like magic acts X
8) I don’t  know any acrobatic skills X
9) I only have Minty. You can’t train cats like you train dogs X
10) I can’t juggle X
11) I don’t really like jokes. Though I like this comedian Stuart Francis because he tells one liners. Which are jokes that are only one or two lines long. So there isn’t a long story behind it. And that makes the joke easier to understand. X

So that meant I could sing, dance, mime or do a dramatic reading. Then I made a list of what they said.
1) Miss Bright=Dance
2) Katie=Sing
3) Robin=Sing
4) Mr Kent=Mime
5) Mr Zaki (Muhammad’s dad and the owner of the local corner shop)=Sing
6) Mum=Dance
7) Dad=Sing
8) Amy=Sing
9) Louise=Mime

So that was Dance=2, sing=4, Mime=2, Dramatic Reading=0. So I decided I would sing. I thought about what I would sing. I knew a lot of hymns. But I didn’t want to sing them because Muhammad’s family would be there and they are Muslims. And Muslims don’t believe in God or Jesus. They believe in Allah. And singing hymns in front of Muslims is offensive. I knew a lot of camping songs from are annual camping trips. I also know a few other songs
1) Home by The Dixie Chicks
2) Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit
3) When We Stand Together by Nickleback
4) God speed by The Dixie Chicks
5) Taliki talvi by Nightwish
6) Walking in the air by Nightwish
7) Swimming Home by Evanescence
8) Every bodies fool by Evanescence
9) Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
10) Dumb by Rihanna
11) Wires by Athlete
12) Run by Snow Patrol
13) Forget About the World by Gabrielle
14) Save the Hero by Beyoncé
Then I looked at the list. I decided not to sing God Speed because I didn’t want to offend Mr Zaki because he’s always nice to me. And Tailki talvi is too short and is in Polish. Then I decided to listen to the other songs to see which one I like best. I plugged my I pod into the computer and put them all on. 

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