Ryan/Red is a 19 year old who lives on the weirder side, when she moves out of state she meets former band member of one direction Louis Tomlinson, she has no idea who he was and thats what he liked most about her, Louis finds out about her family and isnt scared, if anything he is wondered.


3. 3;


  "Well, mom, im sorry okay, is that what you wanna hear, because im fucKING SORRY." i started shouting mid sentence. "DONT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME RYAN KAYE." She used my full name, "I CAN IF I WANT, IT WASN'T MY FAULT OKAY I DIDN'T TELL DEREK TO COME." I yelled back, She raised her hand and slapped me. I wiped my mouth before slapping her back, "touch me, or derek again and ill kill you." i said while she was turned she turned back and had a smile.,, "You think your so cool ya? because you have red hair and red eyes. aye? well your nothing." "Keep telling your self that." i turned to walk away. I seen Derek in the hall lowering his head, "come on Derek"  i pulled him into my room, I pulled out a duffle bag and started packing clothes and pajamas and brush and anything else. "We are going to a hotel okay?" he didnt say anything which i knew. "Where do you think your going?" My mom asked at the front door. "out." i pushed past her. "IF YOU LEAVE I WILL NO LONGER ALLOW YOU IN MY HOME." I smiled nodded, "okay." and at that i was gone. "i cant believe her. She is just so annoying, i mean like who does she think she is,, slapping me, im probably going to get the cops called on me now." i said frustrated. "i hit her Derek." i whispered. He looked over at me., "im sorry." i said

  i never cry, last time i cried was when my dog bite me and my grandpa kicked it in the head yelling in Italian. The dog came back at me and my grandpa stood there so i had to guard myself. That made me stronger, but right now i am not strong, i am worthless, i am hopeless, i am nothing. 

  I set my stuff on one bed and Derek set his on another. It was roomy in here, the windows were open and the view was of the frozen lake. It was nice, Derek pointed to the food on a card and i nodded. He walked a little way ahead of me in the hall to the food service lodge. I could tell he was deep in thought, he would move his hands around like he was speaking with his hands, I wished he could talk, at least to me, so i could help him understand its not his fault we are here. He grabbed a plate of cereal and milk i did the same because nothing else looked good, we sat at a table in a corner, "you know none of this stuff that happened with mom, is not your fault? Right." i asked, he didn't even look at me, but kept eating his food. "Derek. Look at me." he set his spoon down and looked, "Its not your fault okay." he just nodded and went back to eating, i set my spoon down and leaned back,  "im full." He just nodded. 

  The next morning was rough, getting ready for school was a mess and Derek tried getting to come with, after 10 minutes of saying 'no you cant go to my school your not registered.' he finally agreed to stay. I wore see threw tights and a long sweater that fell to my thighs and high heels. I put on a light coat because it was snowing, I waved at Derek so he knew i was leaving and i was gone. When i stepped outside in the cold, my body shivered. It was colder then i have expected. My car door was frozen shut. I almost gave up when i heard, "ya need some help?" i turned around, Louis. "Not from you." "aye,, sorry about yesterday just your so unique. Its beautiful, my granddad told me stories about people like you, i never believed him. He said your kind are so powerful."  "I dont need a story about me," i held my hands together, "Let me give you a ride.... Its cold..." he paused, "I wont talk to you ever again." "Promise." He didn't answer but looked away, i knew what he was doing. I nodded and followed him to his car. 

 "whats your name?" he asked, "you cant talk to me." "i lied." he smirked, "Ryan, but you can call me Red." His smirk turned into a smile, "Red.. Like your hair.." "No like the song." I said dumbly to him, "Funny. Taylor Swift dated a buddy of mine a few years back." "Yhea, okay." "Harry Styles.." "Who is he." I asked, "My buddy who dated her." "Never heard of him." He looked at me looking off the road, "From One Direction.." "Who are they." He blew out air from his cigarette. "Nevermind."

  Louis and I walked to first hour together talking about One Direction, and how he is in that band. I have no idea who they are, but Zayn is kinda hot. "I cant believe you've never heard of me." He said. "Sorry." i shrugged. "Thats why all the girls follow you?" i added., He nodded, "well, and some boys here and there. There was this one boy who came up behind me and held my hand and for weeks the news were saying i had a boyfriend. It was nuts." "So why did you move here. America, of all the places." "I didnt want to be in the same country with those losers." "What happened with you all." "Perrie. Zayns wife." i sighed down. "Dont worry, they are over." I just smirked, "She took over Zayn last year had a baby and Zayn said he would rather stay home one tour, so we went without and the fans stopped coming. We had no choice." I could tell this was a touchy subject, i wanted to comfort him so i did, I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Why dont you call them." i asked, he looked up at me. "I cant, When i left Harry said if i leave dont come back, so im not, they dont want me around." "I bet he was just saying that for you to stay. Louis, call them." i said, "you dont understand. you dont know harry." "Okay class, lets begin." I turned to Louis, "After school your calling." he nodded, I turned back to Mrs. Gilbert "We are going to watch a movie to go with how Christmas began." She set up the projector and it began, the first three mintues sucked so i put my head down and took a nap.

  I felt a tap on my shoulder, then another. I slowly put my head up, "the bell rang." i heard louis' voice, i picked my stuff up under my desk and started walking. "hey wait up." I turned around and Louis was walking up to me. "So your not gonna talk to me anymore?" he asked more as a statement. "I thought we made a deal. We only talked in the car." I said as i started walking, "Well, i guess we broke that deal." I just nodded,, "And we are back to nodding." "Im sorry, i dont like you. Im not like other girls who will follow you around" i said pointing to the herd of teenage hormones behind us, most of them puffed out air crossing there arms and stormed off, others didnt hear me, "How can i make you like me," "You cant. I only like one person, and that's my brother, because i have to." i said coldly. "im sorry, but you can trust me i promise." I looked at him, "I have to go to class." I said and left him there..

  I moved faster then normal in the hall to avoid Louis,, who shared his love towards me. I would do anything to leave. I walked into English and sat in my seat, then Louis came in and sat next to me in his. "Today we are doing a short story. Topic; difference. Thats all im saying, there are no limits. Begin." Mrs. Burt said,, I got out my journal and began. 

  The bell rang and i hadn't even noticed time slip, I had three whole pages and i wasn't done yet. I turned in what i had done and left. I put my stuff in my locker taking my homework in my bag and put on my coat. I closed it and stopped, I dont have a car. I am not taking the bus screw that. I turned around and went to Louis' locker. "i need a ride." He smiled wide.. "i knew you'd come back for me." I started walking outside, i heard his small voice talking to someone else behind me. I turned around, he was on the phone. I opened the door to a black Camry. When he got in he was off the phone. "So, why  are you at a hotel." he asked, "no reason." "really." I nodded, "okay." The conversation died off. "Why are you at a hotel." i asked "i will tell you.. I dont wanna buy a house." "okay." 

  We finally pulled in the snow on cars were gone, we stayed in the car for a minute, "I'm room 34b, come over later." he said, we both got out and separated.  I pulled out a key and put it in the door and opened, i wasn't prepared for what i saw. Clothes flung everywhere, a vase broken, food on the floor, "Derek." i asked, he sat up obviously, sleeping, "What went on in here." he shrugged, "DEREK, clean up." i said pissed off. He got up looking like he was about to cry, i cant handle it not today. I have to much going on. I raced out the door, and stopped. I turned to face it again, but then walked away. 

  I knocked lightly. Louis opened, "you came." He smiled, "i came." He moved out of the way for my to come in, "Damn your room is like, a house." "i am famous ya know." I smiled, trying to actually trying to be nice to him for once. "Ryan. Why dont you like me?" he asked, "i dont really know. I guess, just that day i blew up on you." i stopped and turned around, He was right behind me, "Your so unique. Your so Peer. Your so Beautiful. Why wont you love me?" I looked at the ground, "I didn't come here for this." i whispered. "Then why'd you come." "I needed to see you." i whispered again. "Why do you tease me." I looked up at him, "You always come back to me. It hurts." he says. "i like you." He added. "I like you too." I admit. He looks up at me and grins. He takes my hands and places them on his chest then wraps his hands on my waist then kisses me. It wasn't like another kiss id had, it was unique. I couldn't describe it.When we pulled away i leaned in to a little peck. "Ryan, will you be my girlfriend?" he finally asked. "Yes."

  Louis and i cuddled in his bed, to fight club. Such a great cuddling movie.. not.  I thought of everything everything that has happened the past two days,, My mom hit me i hit her, i moved away, im dating Louis Tomlinson, Derek is mad at me. I have court in less then 7 days. Im screwed myself over this time, I looked at Louis, then he looked at me. "Whats on your mind?" I have to answer. Its the best thing to do. "I have court in 6 days," i said, he looked confused, "What did you do?" He asked. "My sister broke in to a house to steal drugs and blamed it on me." "Thats.. I couldn't imagine how your feeling." He changed his words, "Doesn't bother me" "It has to, at least a little bit." "Not at all, were sisters. Take a bullet for a sister, i have her back she has mine." "It doesn't work like that, not with this situation. Ryan, she blamed it on you because she knew you would take it." I blew that off and turned my cheek, "you dont understand Louis."  i said very still. "You dont know me or my sister, you dont know what she has done for me.. This is nothing." "Really, She has tooken worse for you." I shook my head honestly. "Then why are you doing this." I stood up, "I need to go, Derek is probably worried." I said knowing he has no idea who Derek is, "We aren't done talking." "i have nothing to say," and i left at that.

  I took the elevator 2 floors up to 52d. When i walked in the room was clean and smelled fresh, Derek was sitting on his bed. "Sorry, i went to my friends." He nodded and layed down, going to sleep, i took my pajamas in the bathroom and changed, brushed my teeth and hair and took my anti-depression pills then fell in the hard bed and waited to sleep.


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