Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


6. Where is she now?


Vesper woke up from the sleep she didn't realise she had fallen into. She rubbed her eyes and scanned the place. She was in the rooftop of the hotel she had last been with Paul. Paul. Vesper needed to let them know she was still alive, as she was more than sure that Niall was working alone. Meaning, that Paul, wasn't exactly the best person to work with. Vesper climbed down the rooftop to the inside of the hotel. She was in the suites, when someone opened a door and walked away, not caring if it close. Vesper took the chance and ran to the open door and entered. She scanned the place, and saw that the person was someone around her age or a bit older. She found some cloth that was her type and ran to a bathroom. 


"FIND HER!" Klaus shouted as he kicked and trashed the basement where she had ben held. "How did she even escape?!"

"She killed the five guys that where moving the things." Someone answered. "And she made a run, before anyone else found out."

"Find her." Klaus shouted. "Before ASA finds her."


Niall, Harry and Louis stood outside the counter of the grocery shop where Vesper was supposed to be held. Kaya, Zayn, and Liam, where checking the perimeter, trying to figure out if she was still there. 


"I shouldn't be inside." Niall whispered. "He's going to remember me."

"Then go outside." Louis rolled his eyes.


Niall rolled his eyes and walked out of the store, through the back door, when a broken window caught his attention. He walked quietly to the direction of the window, and kneeled down, crawling so that he could really see what was underneath. 


"You will find where she is." Klaus said, making Niall jump in surprise. "I don't care how, but you will bring her back."

"Don't you think she already went back to ASA?" Someone asked.

"No." Klaus replied. "She must think that ASA no longer cares for her. They haven't found her in six months."

"Still." Another voice said. "If she really loves that boy, she'll go and look for him."

"Find the boy." Klaus said. "Find them both. Maybe, if I have him and her, I can torture him so that she can give me the information."


Niall backed up and ran towards Kaya. He gathered everyone and filled them in, in what he had just heard Klaus said. This meant a new plan, and their minds were working on it.


Paul sat at the lobby of the hotel where they were staying when Niall disappeared. He thought that maybe, Vesper would come back here, though he wasn't sure if she had escaped. There had been no proof that she was still alive. 


"I'm telling you." A teenager, that looked like Vesper shouted. "Someone used my room, and stole cloth."

"I'm sorry miss." The butler said. "But no one has access to your room unless you ask for it."

"Ugh!" The girl shouted. "You are so incompetent!" She added and walked away.


Paul observed as the girl left, and out of the corner of his eyes, saw a shadow running towards the back exit. He could have sworn he saw Vespers hair as she ran, silent as a ninja. He blinked twice, before he got a call from his boss. 



Vesper sighed, and covered her eyes with the sunglasses, she had 'borrow'. She had to find a way to contact Niall, without anyone finding out, not even Paul, her stepfather, could figure out she was free. She walked over to an internet Café and logged into a computer, she was untraceable here. She quickly formulated an email that was meant for Niall.


Dear James:

I can't really tell you everything I wish I could, but I finally got out of the hospital, my doctor, doesn't know what I had, but he is now sure that it won't come back. Where could we meet? I wish to see you again. 

Ps. 96 235 415 1355 315135 11215145.



The code is: 

If we do meet come alone. 

Every letter is a number... a=1 b=2 and so on, please remember as it will be used in the future. 



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