Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


2. Training


Niall punched harder and harder each time. His sweat falling down his face, and his hair sticking on his forehead. He didn't care he was alone at the training room, he had to learn how to fight in order to save Vesper.


Paul was standing outside the house waiting for the agent to arrive. He knew Niall was not going to stop until he got what he wanted, and at the moment he wanted to save Vesper. The other lads were in vacation, each one of them visiting their families, but Niall had insisted to stay and help in whatever he could to rescue Vesper.


"I'm here boss." Kaya, the agent said stretching her hand. 

"Come inside." Paul replied shaking her hand. "We have training to do."

"I thought I came to work with you." Kaya said as they walked inside.

"You are." Paul replied. "But you have a special mission."

"Which is?" Kaya asked. 

"Train him." Paul replied pointing at Niall, who was still throwing punches at the punching bag.

"Him?" Kaya asked in shock. "Isn't he like Niall from One Direction?"

"Are you going to train him or do I send you back to ASA?" Paul asked crossing his arms.

Kaya rolled her eyes. "Fine."


Vesper's eyes opened and she was staring at the same old ceiling she was now used to. She let out a shaky breath and tried to find out something about she was in. She wasn't tied up, which was good as she could move around. She stood up and walked up to the small window in the corner, she had already realised that there were no cameras and no bugs either. As she approached to the window, she instantly knew they were back in Australia, and she as in the basement of her father's first house. How could she tell someone where she was? 
Vesper was about to open the window, when she heard the door knob move. She sprinted, not that she could, to the chair and sat there, pretending to be asleep.


"Wake up." Her grandfather said. "Now."

"What do you want?" Vesper questioned as she moved to face him.

"We are going to try again. Shall we?" He said.

"I already told you that I don't know." Vesper replied.

"Don't be stupid girl." He laughed. "Of course you know."

"I do not." Vesper said through gritted teeth.



Niall's body collapse on the floor, after Kaya kicked him. She rolled her eyes and helped him up. Niall turned to face at Paul and gave him a questionable look. He knew that she was part of the ASA as well, but as far as he knew, he couldn't form part of the ASA, as he hadn't been trained since he was ten or younger. 


"Listen Niall." Kaya said. "If you want to succeed you have to focus." 

"I am focused." Niall replied.

"It doesn't seem that way." Kaya attacked. "And don't with the crap that you don't want to hurt a girl. That's bullshit."

"This is bullshit." Niall shouted. "I'm supposed to be out there looking for her! I told her I was going to save her and where are we? I'm stuck here trying to fight instead of looking for clues she might send! I'm supposed to be saving the love of my life!"

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