Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


16. Torture


Vesper smacked Klaus face once again, causing his nose to bleed. It had already been a whole week and Klaus was not cooperating like they wanted. But of course, Vesper knew that, but she was going to get some answers out of him.


"Funny how the papers have changed right?" Vesper said as she sat on the table right in front of Klaus. 

"Never pictured it like this." Klaus breathed. "But you have to know that your dear Niall is suffering the same." 

"I know." Vesper replied. "And, if you don't answer truthfully and correctly my questions, I will kill you Klaus. I don't give a shit if you are my grandfather, you will be dead, and your blood will be in my hands and I will be so happy to take your life away."

"Listen to you." Klaus chuckled. "You are sounding just like me." 

"Maybe we do have some things in common." Vesper narrowed her eyes before smacking Klaus' face again.


Niall grunted as he woke up. His head hurt he was confused, and disorientated as he didn't have a clue to where he was. The last thing he could remember was Vesper walking towards Klaus and throwing a gun to him, then someone hit his head and he blacked out. 


"Glad that you are up."  A voice said. 

"Who are you?" Niall questioned.

"Me." The voice said. "You don't know who I am, but I am really glad to meet you."

"Who the hell are you?" Niall shouted. "TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!"

"Fine doll." The voice said. "My name is Marie and I am Vesper's birthmother." 

"What?!" Niall shouted. "You mean that the family she had wasn't her real family?" 

"You are right." Marie smiled wickedly. "Now, I'm pretty sure that Klaus won't say where you are, so he is either dead or really injured."

"Dead." Niall whispered. "I'm sure he is dead."

"Then so are you." Marie winked before leaving.


Paul was now having a word with Klaus trying to see if he could get something out of him. Vesper was hacking her way to Niall's location through the gun she had thrown to him, she had made sure that her guns always had a GPS tracker. She thought that maybe Niall would carry the gun with him, and they would take it when they were on the location, and if any luck near.


"What are you doing?" Kaya questioned Vesper.

"Trying to track Niall." Vesper replied as her fingers typed away and her eyes scanned everything of the computer in seconds. 

"Why don't you use your tracking program?" Kaya questioned. 

"Because Niall is not on the program." Vesper replied not moving from her position. "That program is only programmed to track bad guys and as far as I know Niall isn't one." 

"Lame program." Kaya mutter. 

"Yeah?" Vesper scoffed. "So lame that you can't hack into it right? So lame that only person in this world knows truly how to use it. Extremely lame."

"I'm so-" Kaya started. 

"FOUND HIM!" Vesper shouted. "Oh fuck yes." 


Paul and the rest of the lads burst out of their rooms. Vesper smiled proudly and prepared a mission to rescue Niall back. She had to make sure that this time both of them came out of the captivity. 


"Klaus." Vesper smiled at him. "I found him."

"You did?" Klaus asked surprised, he never thought that she would find him without his help, but then again, she was the best agent ever. 

"Thank you for your cooperation but you are no longer need." Vesper said. "And unfortunately, ASA Australia wants you alive, so I'm sending you there." 

"You're not going to kill me?" Klaus questioned.

"Not right now." Vesper said. "Though I have one more question."

"I will answer this one." Klaus smiled. "I think I know what you are going to ask."

"Who has Niall?" Vesper questioned. 

"Marie." Klaus replied. "Your birthmother."



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