Searching (ASA Book Two)

Sequel to Runaway.

Vesper is gone and Niall can't forgive himself for letting her go without even trying. How far will Niall go to get the love of his life back in his arms?

Trilogy ASA Book Two.


10. Lockdown


Vesper opened her eyes slowly and saw bright lights and a white room. Panic appeared through her. She sat up and realised that she was on a Hospital bed. She clenched her fist and took out the IV on her arm. She looked down and saw that she was still in her cloth, her old boots were on the side of her bed. 


She climbed down and prepared herself for running again, she couldn't be found. She slowly walked over to the window, and saw that she was barely on a second floor, which meant that she could escape easily, she walked over to the door and found out that there was no one around, that wasn't a good sign. 


She walked back to the window, and climbed out. She had to find out how on earth she ended in a hospital bed, and where on earth she was. 



Niall sighed and pulled the sweater on. Today was the day they started the tour, but his mind was off as he thought of Vesper and where she could be. He walked out of his room and entered the room where everyone was gathered. They were talking about the places they were going to visit and how much they were going to have in the tour, when a window broke and everyone froze.


"I swear to God this is so stupid." Vesper's voice flew around the room, but none dared to move. "Please let them still be here, I did not almost die twice for them to be already on tour." 

"Vesper?" Niall furrowed his eyebrows.

"Niall!" Vesper exclaimed as she appeared in the room.

"VESPER!" Niall shouted and ran to hug her. 


No one could believe their eyes, Vesper was standing right it front of them. She had several bandages on her body, but she was very alive and was standing right in front of them. Paul's eyes were covered in tears as he saw the girl he learned to love standing in front of him.


"Hey dad." Vesper smiled. "Missed me?"

"Oh my God." Paul whispered. "You're alive." He added hugging her.

"Will not be if you crush me." Vesper laughed. 

"How did you find us?" Liam questioned.

"I hacked your phone." Vesper replied and everyone stared at her in shock. "I'm kidding, I asked around."

"People know we live here?" Louis questioned. "Isn't that dangerous?"

"People have ideas." Both Paul and Vesper said at the same time.

"Educate guess." Vesper winked. "Who's the girl." She added motioned to Kaya.

"I'm Kaya." Kaya replied. "I was working with Niall and Paul."

"Trying to find me?" Vesper questioned. 

"Behind ASA's back." Harry replied. 

"You're so dead if they find out." Vesper mocked. "Either way I came to warn you."

"Warn us about?" Paul questioned. 

"Klaus is still out there and he is looking for me and Niall," Vesper started. "He believes that if eh can kidnap me and Niall, I will speak and give him the information he needs, which I still don't know what it is."

"So what are we supposed to do?" Zayn questioned. "We have all been trained by Kaya here. So I think we can manage."

"You've trained." Vesper agreed. "You haven't had action. It is totally different." Vesper added. "But who cares, that is not the point."

"The point is?" Louis questioned. 

"You need to be in Lockdown." Vesper said. "Concert and back in the bus, pretend to stay in a hotel, but stay sleeping inside the bus, that way they'll never find you." 

"Lockdown?" Kaya questioned. "That's stupid."


Vesper rolled her eyes and stared at Paul. He knew that Vesper was right, but he didn't know how he was going to work with that, and what he was wondering the most, was if Vesper was coming with them.


"And where are you staying?" Paul questioned.

"I was wondering if you could take me in again." Vesper replied with a shrug and a weak smile.

"Of course!" Niall shouted and Paul nodded. 

"That's insane!" Kaya shouted. "You'll put everyone in danger."

"She won't." Paul replied. "She is lockdown, that mean that she is not leaving the bus."

"Still Paul." Kaya hissed. "Klaus will find out she is with us."

"How?" Vesper questioned. "Klaus believes that I will go back to ASA, but then again ASA hasn't even pretended to care about me, so he has no idea where I am, and if he is looking for me and Niall, he knows that I am not going to put his life in danger. The only way for him to find out is if someone tells him." She added towering Kaya.

"Vesper." Niall said touching her arm. "She is just worried for our safety as you are. Calm down love, she helped us." 

Vesper gave a death stare to Kaya but walked to Niall's embrace. "When are we leaving?"

"Now." Paul replied.


Vesper changed cloth and hid behind the boys so that she could enter the bus without having any pap find out she was back. No media knew that Vesper was missing, and hell they didn't need to find out that Vesper was back with them. 

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