Competitive Love(Louis Tomlinson)

Andrea (Andy) Davis plays soccer and softball, she is the captain of the school'a softball team. This year she wants to be the captain of the soccer team. Her school only has one soccer team and that's a boys team, Andy is the only girl on the team.

A new student by the name if Louis Tomlinson wants to be captain too and plays the same position as Andy.

Both of them struggle to concentrate on the game when they meet.


1. Chapter 1

The ball is passed to me and I take it up the field and pass it to the forward on my left who fakes a pass to his right but kicks it back to me and without a hesitation I kick the ball to the empty top left corner of the net. It flies past the goalkeeper's head and my team rushes to me and I'm under a dog pile of sweaty guys. Our coach blows his whistle and soon I can breath again, the other team starts to run their four laps.

Practice is almost over for the day, it was our first day of practice and coach thought it'd be fun to play a scrimmage game and spilt the team in half. The losing team has to run four laps, which they are, and the winning team gets to sit in the middle of the field and watch. "Hey Andy can you play for the skins next practice?" Mason, the starting goalie for the team, asks. Mason is my older brother's friend that is a year younger so I've known him for most of my life and see him everyday since we are both on the soccer team and we are both seniors.

I smile up at him and kick him in the balls and shake my head no as he clutches himself and falls over. All the boys that witnessed laugh and high-five me. By the time Mason recovered everyone was in middle of the field and coach was handing out jerseys and positions. "Andy will be our starting center forward." He finishes with my position but continues talking, "I will be watching my candidates for captain closely, now to keep the captain position a complete secret I will not tell the candidates. Also a new student from Hollow Crest joined our school this year and he is on this team, his name is Louis Tomlinson," Tomlinson I know him, he is the first string center forward for Hollow Crest and is suppose to be really good. I have played him before but I never really pay attention to anything but my team, the ball and winning. "he will be at the next practice and I want you to all treat him like a team member. Got it?"

"SIR, YES, SIR!" We all shout and he gives us a dismissive wave and we all jog off to the locker rooms. When I get in the girls locker room the cheerleaders are all talking but they silence themselves when they see me.

"Please don't stop the daily gossip on my part, really continue." I say as I grab my bag and hit the showers and they continue their stupid chatter. When I step out of the shower I dry off and put on a pair of sweats and a sweat shirt with 'Oakland High' written across the front.

I step out of the locker room and look around for Raven, my boyfriend, when I spot him he is with Mason and Jeffery, the first string running back for the football team. Without thinking I drop my bag and run up to him and hop onto his back. We both laugh as I climb down and kiss him, someone clears their throat and we pull apart. Mason is laughing at us and Jeffery is making gagging motions.

We both flip them off simultaneously and laugh. "Where's your bag?" Raven asks and I point at the bag outside the locker room. He jogs over to, picks it up and jogs back. "What are you doing tonight?" He asks when he standing next to me.

"My dad told the new neighbor we'd help them unpack and then they're going to eat over. Plus it's movie night so the boys and Kendra are coming over and I have to fit homework in there somewhere." I answer going over my schedule in my head.

Raven shakes his head and laughs as we head to his car, him carrying my sport bag and his sport bag our backpacks in his car already. "Okay my busy bee where to?" He asks as we climb into his car.

"I say we stop at Tim Hortons so I can get an ice cap then my house so I can get through my schedule." He nods and we head to Tim Hortons.

He pays, refusing to let, and he drops me off at my house. "Bye Raven." I smile and plant a kiss in his lips.

"Bye lovely." He says when we brake apart. I run up my drive way and burst through the front door.

"Dad I'm home!" I shout and he comes around the corner chuckling a bit.

"Hey darling how was practice? Did you get your uniforms?" He asks as I pull of my shoes and set down my bags.

"Practice was fun and yes same old blue and black with names and numbers on the back of the jerseys and black shorts." I say and I throw my dirty practice clothes down into the basement to get washed.

"Good, good now hurry up I told them we'd be over at five o'clock and it's already four fifty." He said clapping his hands in a hurry up motion. I roll my eyes and run upstairs. I slip on a pair of old ripped jeans, a superman t-shirt and a pair of old converse. I run back down the stairs and my dad outs his arm around my shoulders, "We need some father daughter time you're so busy now, and I was thinking since we have been out bow hunting lately we can go this weekend and then we can stop at the mall and get you some things you might need for shotgun season, softball, and soccer. Sound good?" I love my dad, him and my brother are the only family I've ever known and we have so much in common and lately we've haven't seen each other with my bus schedule.

"Sounds good to me, now lets go unpack so we can eat." I laugh and we walk across the street my father knocks on the door and a girls answers. She is at least thirteen with light brown hair and pretty pale blue eyes.

"Hi I'm Mr. Davis and this is Andrea my daughter..."

"Andy." I correct.

"We told your mom that we'd come over and help and than you guys are coming over to eat." I roll my eyes because he is using a voice you use with a pet or a baby, the girl at the door must've noticed my eye roll because she laughed.

"I'm Charlotte call me Lottie." She opens the door and we walk in. A scream echo's through the house and footsteps pound down the wooden steps. Two girls run down the hallway, "The first one was Phoebe and the second one was Daisy, they're twins."

A third girl comes down the stairs in pajamas and smiles at us. "Hi I'm Félicité but you can call me Fizzy. Who are you?"

"I'm Mr. Davis, you can call me Marcus, and this my daughter Andrea."

"Andy." I correct him again and Lottie laughs a bit.

"They're are here to help and then we are eating over their house." Lottie says Fizzy gives a quick nod and heads down the same hall the twins just went down. "Come on I'll direct you to the parentals." I laugh and follow her and my dad follows us.

We walk down a short hallway and turn into the kitchen in there is a women, I assume is their mom, a man, I assume is their father, and a boy.

"Mom Marcus and Andy are here." Their mom looks up and so does their father and the boy turns around. The boy is hot to say the least. He has brown hair and blue eyes, his arms are built up perfectly and his face is just wow.

"Hi Marcus," The mother shakes my dad's hand and her husband does too. "Andy, it's nice to finally meet you." She shakes my hand and again her husband follows her actions. "I'm Johannah this is my husband Mark, and that is my only son Louis." She smiles, a proud smile.

"Hi." I say awkwardly rocking from heels to my toes. Then something occurred to me, "Tomlinson?" I ask hoping I'm wrong.

"Yeah." Louis answers and then asks "Davis?"

"Sure am." I say and he nods.

Well the awkward rose up five, no eight, no twenty notches. "Louis and Andy can you two unpack the kitchen, Marcus can you help Mark bring in the couches and dressers?" Johannah asks and we all nod. "Great, girls come we can do you rooms now!" All the girls run back into the house and race upstairs, Daisy trips half way down the hall but keeps running.

I bit my lip to hide the giggles and Louis just burst out laughing. Johannah laughs a bit, but sobers up a bit and starts to follow the girls. She calls over shoulders "Louis it's rude to laugh at someone who falls." Louis shakes his head and grabs to boxes off the floor and sets them on the counter top.

"I'll open this box an you can open that one. Put the stuff that's inside anywhere you want we'll find it later." I chuckle a bit but nod my head okay.

I got a box full of plates bowls and cups. I put them all in the biggest cabinet above the sink. When I finish up I turn to see Louis struggling to unwrap a bundle of spoons. I laugh and pull them out of is hand, I take the pair of scissors that are sitting on the counter and cut the tap holding the spoons together.

"Thanks." He says and turns to the drawer that he was putting the silverware in already.

"No problem." I have no idea what to say to the guy who could take my position on the team. We both stand awkwardly in the kitchen, I run my hands through my hair and he stuff his hands in his jean pockets.

"I...uh....erm nice shirt." He says and again I bit my lip from laughing.

"Thanks Superman is pretty awesome but I think Captain America is the best." I say and nod my head with enthusiasm. I love superheroes, I never was one for princesses or dolls I always liked superheroes and sports. I think it might have to do with growing up with two male specimen and no females.

"No way Superman is the best!" Louis shouts.

"No he really isn't!" I shout back

"Yeah huh, what's so special about Captain America?" He counters.

"He is good looking, he was frozen for so many years and is really old but can still kick ass, he only needs a shield and his fist, he is a true patriot and he is god damn good looking!" I say.

"Wow can he fly? No! Does he have a cape? No!" He sticks his tongue out at me and I shake my head.

"Whatever floats your boat kid."

"Floats your boat? Kid?" He mocks.

"Yup that's how I do it son!" I say and walk out of the kitchen.

I find my dad and Mark positioning the last of the furniture in the living room. "Hey Andy why don't you take Louis and the girls over our house and get dinner started?" My dad asks.

"Okay, when is Matt coming home?" My brother, Matt, is coming to visit us from Texas for a week with his wife.

"Tonight around seven fifteen," he checks his wrist watch, "which is right now so he should be walking through our door any minute." I smile and Louis calls the girls down.

We walk across the street and get inside just as Matt's car pulls in. I can't help myself, I run out and tackle him with a hug and then hug my sister-in-law.

"Hello to you too Andy!" They both say in unison. I laugh and help them carry their bags in.

Louis and his sisters are sitting on the couch looking a bit confused. "Louis, Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe this is my brother Matt and his wife Alyssa. Alyssa and Matt this is Louis, Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, and Phoebe Tomlinson they love across the street now." Alyssa smiles and nods so does Matt. Neither of them are good with names like I am.

Alyssa sets down her bags and heads straight to the kitchen and I mentally cheer, she is the best cook ever besides Harry. I follow her and she is already pulling out the chicken. "They are all eating over so are their parents." I say because she seems confused at the amount of chicken defrosting in the fridge.

"I'm pregnant." She bluntly replies and I squeal like a pig. "Don't say anything, you are the only one that knows, Matt doesn't even know." I nod and she smiles. I hug her and she hugs back, she treats me like a sister and a best friend.

"I'm going to be an aunt." I whisper and she nods her head yes.

"I wanted to come home to tell everyone and I'm hoping Matt will let us move back here, I mean Texas is great and all but, I want the baby surrounded by family and I want it to grow up where I did ya know?"

"Yeah there really is no place like home." She nods her head in agreement and I leave her cook. When I get to living room Matt has a soccer game on and him and Louis are glued to the television while the girls are looking bored.

I sit on the couch in between Louis and Matt and soon I'm just like them. What only seems like five minutes later Alyssa is calling Louis, Matt, Mark, my dad (the two joined us at some point, I guess) and myself to the dinner table. I stand up and cheer when the timer goes off right after my team scored the winning goal I high-five my brother and father and rub it in Louis' face.

Dinner is uneventful and over quickly. Before I know it the boys, Kendra and I are sitting on the couch watching The Avengers, my dad is in his office, and my brother and Alyssa are upstairs sleeping. "So Andy I hear your new neighbor is going to give you a run for your money in soccer." Harry says while rubbing my shoulders. He is sitting in the couch and I'm sitting between hi legs with my back towards him.

"Yeah I heard that too, plus he's a guy so coach Malone may go a little biased and pick him for captain." Zayn adds, I love the boys but sometimes they can be a bit stupid.

"He is from a rival school and Andy is originally from here so he could pick her over him 'cause he is biased about our school." Liam points out and Niall quickly agrees and so does Kendra. Harry stops rubbing my shoulders and I whine.

"Someone knocked on the door." Niall says I roll my eyes and get up and open the door to see Louis standing in my doorway.

"Your dad forgot his house key at my house." Louis says and hands me the key. Feeling a bit bad for letting the guy leave and be alone in his house over ruled by girls I invite him to stay. "What are you watching?"

"The Avengers." He smiles and steps inside. I introduce him to everyone and take my spot in front of Harry and he continues to rub my shoulders and it feels really good. When the movie is over everyone leaves except for Louis. "Well I'll see you at school tomorrow and look for me in lunch we can sit together."

"Okay, how long have you been dating Harry?" He asks and I laugh. "What?"

"I'm no dating Harry, we've been friends since before kindergarten same with the rest of the boys, my boyfriend Raven wasn't here tonight." I explain.

"Oh okay." He chuckles. We exchange goodnights and he leaves. Now all that's left to do is homework and then sleep. I check the clock and groan it's already midnight.


Author's Note:

Hi I just wanted to say the boys are all the same age in this fan fic, they are seniors in high school, so is Andy and Kendra. Lottie is fourteen, Fizzy is twelve, the twins eight and this takes place in the US so soccer is US soccer

~I also posted this story on Wattpad (Forever_Unstopable)

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