Days end

When the sun goes down at days end.
When the night comes at days end.
Will I die at the days end?

When a mysterious boy turns up of Sophia's doorstep how will she react when he tell her that her days are ending? And what happens when she falls in love? What happens when it turn out he's not from earth?........

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


1. prologue

People used to use the phrase 'days end' in the evening at, well, the days end. They also said it when you died- 'their days have ended'- or when you were going to die- 'your days are ending'. It's a phrase that hasn't been used for a long time, except in poetry or 'fine literature' as Miss Stephens calls it.

But what happens when a mythical being turns up on your door step claiming he's a messenger? What do you do when you fall head over heels in love with him, and he with you? What if he tells you your days are ending? Like it happened to me.....

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