Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


1. Prologue- Cassie Tomlinson

-3 years ago-

Cassie's POV-

"Cassie won't mind if I take her lunch right Cas you don't need the extra food you're already too chubby" Louis said as the 6 of us sat at our lunch table. "Yes sure" I said holding back my tears. "Thanks sis" he said taking my pizza from my tray "whatever" I whispered getting up to leave "where you going?" harry asked me "home" I sad turning to him "why don't you try a gym instead" Louis said that others laughed besides Harry I blinked my tears away but it didn't work cause Harry saw them he gave me a sympathetic look I shrugged my shoulders and walked away. I walked out of the school  building and to my blue car I unlocked it and got inside the 
drivers seat.

I just sat there and cried I would go home but if I do my parents are gonna start yelling at me and besides school ends in an hour I have to drive Louis and his stupid friends home since Louis broke him car and he didn't get in trouble but if it was me who broke my car my parents would've grounded me for life and never left me drive another car but noooo to them it's just Louis this Louis that. I hate them so my. They hate me because I'm not a boy. They only wanted a boy and be child which is Louis they never wanted two kids but they got me the always tell me to be more like Louis but I'll never be like him I hate him too him and his friends minus Harry are always making fun of my weight and my looks. I'm 16 years old I have no friends. I cut my hair not all the way but like Miley Cyrus's hair. I'm chubby I always have been I was a chubby baby and I'm still chubby. My name's Cassie Tomlinson and this is my life. 

Harry's POV-
"What's wrong with you guys?" I asked them a they continued laughing "what harry?"Louis asked "you made Cassie cry" I said with a duh ton ""so who cares?" Liam asked "I care she's a human being and she has feelings" I said 'whatever let's go guys"Louis said they got up threw there trays away and waled out of the cafeteria right when the bell rang signaling lunch was over everyone got up and left to there last class. Once the cafeteria was empty I walked out the school building and looked for Cassie's blue car I spotted it and ran over to it I looked through the window she had her head on the steering wheel and her hands where pulling on her small hair. I knocked on the window she quickly looked up once she saw it was me she whipped her tears and unlocked the door I opened it and got in the passengers seat

"are you okay"? I asked he shrugged sniffling I put my hand on her shoulder "Louis is an idiot" I said to her "yeah he may be an idiot but he's right about me" she said I shook my head. "No he's not he's wrong" I assured her "Harry look at me...look at me carefully and be honest with me how do I look really? Am I I I I I pretty?"... she asked crying I looked at her "please be honest with me I won't be mad at you for telling me the truth" she said I nodded. "Your...chubby you look a lot like a boy"I said truthfully

Cassie's POV-
"Your..chubby you look a lot like a boy" Harry said a lump formed in my throat. "Thanks for being honest with me Harry" I whispered he nodded "will you ever go out with a girl like me?" I asked him he hesitated at first but then shook his head I nodded at least he's being honest with me....I'll never have a chance with Harry anyways it was all just a dream. "But I'd go out with you you're beautiful"he said I stared up at him "really?" I asked him he nodded his head is he really saying this? He move closer to my face I just stared into his green eyes his lips brushed against mine than he kissed me I didn't know what to do so I followed his lead.

He pulled away so he can breath. I bit my lip as a smile started to form he smiled at me "go on smile you know you wanna" he said chuckling I softly giggled. He took my hand and laced our fingers. "So what are we now?" I asked him quietly "what do you mean?" He asked I bit the inside and of my lip trying to find a way to say it without embarrassing myself "are we a couple-" "no were not a couple" he said cutting me off and letting go of my hand. I bit harder on my lip holding back my tears but he just-.... " so f-friends" I asked him my voice cracking in the end "friends with benefits" he said I nodded I didn't want that I want to be his girlfriend.. but he wants to be friends....with benefits. I looked at the time and school was over.

"Here come the lads please don't tell anyone about the kiss please I want no one to know" he begged wow..."I won't and besides who would I tell I don't talk to anyone"I said "yes thank you so much" he said I just nodded stupid idiot. He was just asking all fucking sweet and shit but now he's acting like an idiot. I was so caught up in my own thoughts I didn't hear the boys get in the back of the car. "Cas drive already!!" Louis yelled pulling me back to reality. "Shut up" I said to him as I started the car"stop at Mickey D's we're hungry" he said I just ignored him and drove straight home. "Bitch" They said and the slammed the car door and walked inside the house "thanks for the compliment" I said to myself getting out the car and locking it i swung my bag over my shoulder and slowly walked inside.

They ran into the kitchen I walked behind them they greeted mum and dad once they did I smiled at my mum and dad they just turned away and pretended I was never there. I bit my lip and ran upstairs to my room. I locked the door and threw my bag on the bed slipped of my shoes and my dress and sat on my bed wearing only shorts and my tank top. I grabbed my table from under my pillow and the entered the password in. Once it unlocked I logged into Facebook. I had 4 notifications I clicked on it and it said 'Louis Tommo has mentioned you in a status' what is it this time? Me being the curious one clicked on it.

Once I saw what the status said I just started pouring my eyes out and there was so many likes....... why does Louis hate me so much?... I locked my tablet put it back under my pillow and left the room to go the bathroom that was across the hall. I stripped my close off and hoped in the shower turning the water to warm. I let the warm water hit my body for about 30 minutes I washed my body with soap than my short hair than got out the tub turning the water of I dried myself off with the towel wrapping a dry one around my body and walking out the bathroom I started to head to my room when I heard Niall's thick Irish voice. I turned around and they were all standing there we'll him zayn and liam.

"Hey fattie" Niall said I ignored him and just stared at them. "What do you want?" I asked them "you" they said together moving closer and closer to me I kept backing up every time they got close until I hit the wall. Niall was to my right Liam was to my left and Zayn in front of me. "L-leave me alone" I stammered scared. "No" Zayn said I bit the inside of my lip I do that a lot. "What are You gonna do to m?" I asked my question was answered when Liam pulled of the towel from my body than they started laughing I ran to my room as the tears formed in my eye. I looked the door and stood there naked. I went to my closet and put on a pair of sweat pants a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. I walked out of the room a d slowly walked downstairs and too the living room where they were all sitting on the couch laughing and talking.

I sat down on the empty couch and stood shut. "Cas were going to the gym wanna come?" Louis asked me they started laughing even mum and dad. I just sat there not making any sound or movements. I felt Niall,Liam and Zayns eyes on me I looked up at them but than looked away I can't look at them because when I do what they did minutes ago flashes back into my head Ill never forget it. I sat there as they talked trash about me even my parents.. what they said next really hurt me tears welled up in my eyes, STOP!" I yelled they all looked taken a back at me sudden outburst. "Please just stop okay I get it...I understand no I fucking get it. I know im fat. I know I'm not pretty. I know okay I'm ugly. But please just stop.

I can't take this anymore I'm a human being who has a heart and feelings and your hurting it. Especially you guys" I said turning to my parents " you guys are my parents. I know you don't love me and all but please just stop. Why are you doing this to me?" I asked tham as the tears came pouring "we never wanted yo we want you dead we even tried to kill you once our pplan just backfired" dad said a lump formed in my throat and my heart was cracking as they said this. That I turned to my brother "L-louis...your my brother why do you hate me I never did aanything to make you hate me" I said he rolled his eyes "don't consider me as your brother" he said

I turned away from him staring down at the floor than looked back up but this time I looked at Niall,Liam and Zayn. "And you 3 why do you hate me? I don't even know you that well all I k ow os that your friends with Louis but what have I ever done to any of you?" I asked the they stood shut for a minute "we just don't like fat and ugly girls llike you" Zayn said. "Just go die already" mum and Louis said at the same time I ran to the kitchen and cried than i opened the drawer and pulled out a knife if they want me dead then....I'll be dead I brought I knife to my chest right where my heart is i don't deserve to have a heart I was gonna stab it when some grabbed the knife from my hands I turned around and saw Harry holding the kief in his hands

"NO!" I screamed "please don't" he begged his voice cracking tears escaped his eyes. "I have one wants me here my parents want me to die a-and my brother wants me to go die" I said looking behind him as they all stood there my parents shook thee hhead and walked away  I started heding for my room bit before I did I looked over at Louis a tear escaped his eye. Is he crying? No I'm just imagining stuff he'd never cry because of me I ran up to my room and cried on my bend, I wanna leave...but where would I go im only sixteen. 

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