Story Of My Life

Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had feelings for her she had the same feelings. Cassie's parents hate her they never liked her she had no friends this is all about her when she was 16 but now that she's 19 she has her own house she lives in California and almost a graduate from Standford University. She left her parents when she was 18 her brother and his friends left for the X factor when she was 16 she hasn't seen them since than and she doesn't plan on seeing them but what happens when on direction. Comes to her university to do a presentation?


4. Chapter 2-Do I Know You?

(A/N-I changed the name of the story guys!!!!) 

Cassie's Pov-

"Ladies..take a seat" the professor said i stood there not moving staring at them. My brother. no it can't be him! It can't be them! i must be dreaming. "Cas come on" Tess whispered in my ear i shook my head she took my head and dragged me to my seat like literally dragged me. She sat down in her seat which was across from mine. I slowly sat down as the tears started to form. No. I won't cry. Don't cry Cassie. Don't cry. Don't cry. You're a strong girl. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cr-... i started crying i got up and ran out of the room i ran and ran until i was away from the room. I stood in the middle of the hallways than fell to the floor and cried. Why? why do they always have to ruin my life? why are they back? why are they here? why can't they just leave me alone? why now? "Cassie!" Tess voice yelled from behind me i turned around and saw her running towards me "Cas..don't cry it's gonna be alright" she said rubbing my back. "n-no it's not. what if they remember me Tess? I can't deal with them crumbling my life down again" i cried "they won't remember you Cas you look totally different from what you looked like 3 years ago" she said and she's right. I grew my hair back it's long and brown with blonde highlights. My eyes got a lighter blue. I lost a ton of weight and I got braces to make teeth a little straighter but i don't have them anymore. I still have my glasses but i only wear them when i'm in my dorm room with Tess no where else. "b-but what if one of them does?" I asked her "they won't Cas and if they do i promise i won't let them anywhere near you" she said "thanks Tessie" i said hugging her. "now lets get back to class" she said "no, i don't want to just tell the professor i'm not feeling well i'm gonna go lie down in the room" i said she nodded we got up and went our separate ways, I got to my dorm room and flopped down on the bed and cried. Stupid Idiot. 


Tess's Pov-

"Where's Cassie?" the professor asked me. "oh um she wasn't feeling well so she went back to the dorm" i said to him "oh well alright then" he answered I nodded and sat back down I stared at the boys and gave them a hard glare. Especially Louis. he's her brother for god's sake! why would he do that to her?! i just don't understand. stupid idiots. I fucking hate them. "okay class i know you're wondering why these boys are here well they will be helping you with your project . they will talk to each of you you tell them about your life and they'll give you some ideas on what to do. but you only have a day with them. By the end of this month you will be presenting your project to the whole school in the auditorium and these boys will sing a song they will be writing having to do with this project" he said oh fuck no! hell to the mother fucking no! I'm not telling them about my life! Hell no! i don't even want to talk to them after what they did to my best friend! I just hate them. Louis stared at me than gave me a confused look i just rolled my eyes and stared down at my desk.


Harry's Pov-

"do you see that girl giving us a hard glare or is it just me?" Louis whispered to me i looked at the girl he was talking about she had long blonde hair that past down her shoulders. i couldn't really see her eyes but they looked hazel. or gray. she was giving us daggers but she's really beautiful. "yeah i see it to" i said to Louis "i wonder why" he said "probably not a fan" he said i nodded in agreement. "okay boys go to one of the teens and talk to them" the guy said we nodded.  we started to head to different people. but none of us dared to go to that girl. she looked like she wanted to hurt us. I wanted to go to her but i'll save her for last so i can spend more time with her.


Tess's Pov-

oh i'm so glad none of them came to me, they looked scared :) i like that. "class dismiss" the professor said i grabbed my bag slung it over my shoulder and also grabbed Cassie's bag from her seat and hurried out of the classroom.  I quickly walked back to the dorm room once i did i walked inside to see Cassie peacefully asleep with her thumb in her mouth and dried tears on her face. i half smiled. i closed the door locked it put Cassie's bag on her bed and put mine on my bed. I huffed loudly and walked into the bathroom took a long ass shower just thinking about Cassie and her bad past. why did she have to have a bad past like that. that's just horrible, being hated by your own parents and getting bullied by your own brother and his friends. Once i came out from my thoughts i turned off the shower and got out. i wrapped a towel around my body but not before drying myself. i looked myself in the mirror and looked at my body. i need to lose weight. and be more prettier. so i can get a boyfriend....the last time i had a boyfriend was in middle school. that's a long time. and i just -sigh- i need one well not really need one but i just want a boyfriend, who will love me forever who will tell me he loves me who will one day get down on his knee and ask me to marry him who will one day say I do and kiss me. who will one day have kids with me. but that's a fairy tale life. i'm living the real life. not the fairy tale life. i sighed once more and walked out the bathroom and to my drawers where my clothes were i picked out something comfy to wear. I put on a pair of pink sweat pants and a gray tank top. I put on my Elmo socks and laid down on my bed and started to write about my life i'll just wright it first than make the movie. I got bored so i plugged my headphones into my phone and played a song. 'They don't know about the things we do they don't know about the I Love Yous' i sang along with the song. okay  i might hate one direction but come on there voices are to die for. they have amazing voices i gotta give them that. 


Cassie's Pov-


'what are you doing here Louis.why are you hear why now!'  i yelled at him 'we came to torture you' he smirked as they came closer to me everytime they took a step closer i took a step back until i hit a dead end. Liam and Zayn were to my right,Niall to my Left and Louis and Harry infront of me. 'w-what are you gonna do to me?' i asked him he slapped me across the face than punched me in the stomach i tried to fight back but Zayn and Niall held my hands back Liam kicked me in the stomach than Harry faced me he was smirking. 'H-harry...p-please d-don't' he rolled his eyes and punched me in the face 'i never loved you' he spat in my face tears started to well up in my eyes. my eyes closed shut than reopened i looked at the punch Louis was gonna throw at me it was coming straight for my face i stared at him and everything was going slow motion. i started to fall to the floor as his fist made contact with my face 'b-bye' i whispered before falling to the floor and closing my eyes. 

*Dream Over*

"AHHHHHHH!" i screamed waking up "Cassie omg Cassie are you okay you were screaming in your sleep and it was scaring me!" Tess yelled as she kneeld down next to me i was sweating and panting heavily. i shook my head getting up and running into the bathroom. i turned on the sink and washed my face off than looked myself in the mirror. my eyes were all red and puffy and my lip was swollen i touched it 'how the hell?' i asked myself with a questioning look "you hit your lip on the bed while you were moving around" Tess said as she stood in the door way. oh. i nodded and turned to her and sat down on the tub. "why are they here?" i asked her my voice cracking. she sighed before speaking. "no! i don't want to!" i screamed as she told me why. she just shrugged as she sat down on the floor. "i'm gonna go back to bed" i said getting up i helped her up and we walked out of the bathroom. i laid on my bed and tried to fall asleep but i couldn't..... 

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