This Christmas Story

This is just another christmas story. There maybe Love, friendships,and joy. This story is about Niall and Taylor. They find each other in bit of a different way. Read more to find out.
If this story is like the other ones I have written, I'm sorry this is just how i write.


4. Wishing

Chapter 3: Wishing


                The boys were just about to finish off Saturday Night Live. They had one more question left; can you guess what it would be?
Yes, it was the relationship question; Niall and Harry were the only two not to raise their hands. Elsewhere Taylor was watching it and hoping to meet them one day in her life. That was her huge Christmas Wish.


Niall’s POV


                We were sitting on stage for our last question of the night; I knew it was coming soon. I still had not got her off my mind. I knew after we were done Liam would want to finish our talk. I had to tell him even if he could not help, it might make me feel better. Man, I wish could have met her before she walked away.


Taylor’s POV


                I was watching Saturday Night Live with the boys staring; the only wish I had for this Christmas was to meet at least one of them. It would make my Christmas, and they would get to meet another fan. Everybody knew this was my one wish, but nobody could do anything about it. When they got asked the last question of the night which much to my dismay, was the relationship question. Niall and Harry were the only ones that did not raise their hands. I loved them all but Niall had to be my favorite; he and I had quite a few things in common if I know correctly. Anyways after the question the said their goodbyes to the host. Throughout I could not help but notice Niall looked a bit sad, I mean come one his is always so happy. Whatever was bothering him, I would hope he gets better.


Niall’s POV


                When we got off stage, we all went back to our dressing room to wait until we got the Okay from Paul to leave. While we were waiting Liam came to sit by me, he said

“Okay new tell me what is making you so down today?”

“Well I was shopping at the mall day, when I came out a store I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen but I never got to talk to her”
“Okay so you are down over a girl”
“Liam she is not just a girl, When I saw her face my heart skipped a beat” “I think it was love at first sight”

“Awe Nialler, we need to find her”
“I know but how?” “This is a big city”

“I know Niall but it really was meant to be then you will see her again” “If you… When you do don’t not let her slip through your fingers again without talking to her”

“Okay thanks Liam. I can be sure that I will not let her go next time”

*****End of Niall’s POV


                When Paul finally came and got the boys so they could leave, they went straight to their hotel and went to bed since they had a little bit of a busy day tomorrow. While Taylor was at her house with her family, she was in the living room watching Christmas movies with her family like they do every year a week before Christmas. When the movie was over her and the rest of her family went to their rooms and went to bed. That night Taylor fell asleep dreaming about what it would be like to meet her idols. But Niall was just dreaming about Taylor and what would happen if he met her.


Little did they know they would meet sometime very soon to then.

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