This Christmas Story

This is just another christmas story. There maybe Love, friendships,and joy. This story is about Niall and Taylor. They find each other in bit of a different way. Read more to find out.
If this story is like the other ones I have written, I'm sorry this is just how i write.


3. Saturday Night Live

                Chapter 2: Saturday Night Live


                When Taylor got home she went to her room and started wrapping the presents. Elsewhere Niall was hanging out with the boys. He could not get her out of his head as much as he tried to she would stay there.


Taylor’s POV

I was up in my room for most of the night thinking about my family and all the little things I was so thankful to have in my life. When I was brought out of my thoughts, when my sister Elizabeth knocked on my door. She always wants to talk to me so I hurried up and put the presents I bought in my closet where she could not find them. I went to my door and let her in and she sat in the chair I had in my room and we talked about Christmas and some other little things that sisters talk to each other about. We finished our conversation and she left, I got my iPod and went to the bathroom and put my iPod in the iHome. I turned it on and got in the shower. I started singing You and I by no other then One Direction. I was so into the song that I did not notice my brother knocking on the door. I told him to Shut up and leave me alone then he left. When I was done with my shower I got dressed in my favorite navy blue and white tank top and my striped Navy blue pants. I went to my room and turned on the T.V. and went to the Channel Saturday Night Live plays on because I know it was almost time for the boys to some on.
If only she knew she was the only thing on Niall’s mind that that very second.


Niall’s POV


The boys where sitting in our dressing room at the studio where Saturday Night Live broadcasted. I have been out of it all day, I could not stop thinking about her. I mean I did not even know her name. I think the guys noticed because Liam came to me when we were just waiting for us to go on and asked me what has got me down. I said
“I’m just nervous about the show”
“Niall we have been on this show before”

“I know but it is different now”
“I don’t know it just is”
“No it is not and you are lying”
“No I am not Liam”
“Niall just tell me what is wrong, so I can help”
“Liam that is just it you can’t help with this one”
“Can you at least tell me what is wrong?”

                I explained to him everything from today and he just looked at me and smirked. I looked at him and gave him my “What” Look. He was about to say something but he was interrupted by Paul telling us we are about to go on.

“We are not finished with this conversation”

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