This Christmas Story

This is just another christmas story. There maybe Love, friendships,and joy. This story is about Niall and Taylor. They find each other in bit of a different way. Read more to find out.
If this story is like the other ones I have written, I'm sorry this is just how i write.


2. Close meeting

                Chapter 1: Close Meeting


                It was a week before Christmas in North Carolina; Taylor was out doing last minute shopping for friends and family. She was going through different stores. Niall was in town with the boys and they were spending time together before they all left to go back to their families for Christmas break. Niall and Taylor did not know this but they were shopping in the same mall only a couple of stores away from each other. Taylor knew Niall but Niall sure did not know Taylor. She was a fan of the band and Niall is her favorite. She is not like the other fans she was a fan but not one to scream in their faces if she saw them. Anyways, Taylor was just finishing out up at the store she was in to get her cousin a gift and was about to walk out, Niall was doing the same. When they walked out they walked past each other and did not say a word.


Niall’s POV


                I was walking out of American Eagle and I passed the prettiest girl I had ever seen. We just walked past each other but once I was sure she was gone I turned around and faced the way she went. I had to know her. I will remember that face. That face was just too beautiful to forget. I kept walking the way I was going so I could finish my shopping and hopefully see her again.


Taylor’s POV


                I was almost done with my shopping; I was at the last store buying something I knew my sister would love. Today I had got my cousin, my sister, my brother, and mom something for Christmas. I had got everybody else’s presents a while ago. When I was walking out of Claire’s I thought I would go to the food court and get hot chocolate before I left since it was a bit chilly out today. When I got to the food court I went to the little stand they only had open in the winter. While I was waiting I felt like someone was watching me, I don’t know who it would be though. After I got my drink I walked outside and got in my car and drove home.

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