All I Want for Christmas

Danny is a small boy, who doesn't want Christmas to come. Can his dad make him believe in the magic of Christmas.


1. All I want for Christmas

Danny trudged home from school. It was the last day before the Christmas holiday, and Danny was wishing that Christmas would've never come.

As he walked through all the memories of why he hated Christmas came flooding back. His mum had been killed a year ago, some man who was desperate for a Christmas Turkey, had took her life. He hadn't mean he was just poor and needed to provide for his family. But Danny had never forgiven him, last year he spent Christmas in his room, refusing to open his presents. Last years presents were still wrapped up waiting to be opened in his room.

"Hey Danny boy. Fancy helping me with the tree?" His dad asked cheerfully.

"No thanks dad."

His dad frowned, he knew Danny was sad, but he had hoped that he could make Christmas special again, for his son.

The days passed and soon it was Christmas Eve. Everyday Danny's dad tried to get him to open up, and enjoy Christmas telling him it is what his mum would have wanted. But Danny never listened. Today was the day, Danny's dad had, had enough. He walked into Danny's room with a big box of tinsel. "Right, where should we hang this?"

"I told you dad, I don't want it in here." Danny snapped.

"Well Christmas was your mother's favourite time of year, I think if she was here she'd be upset to see you spoiling everything.You haven't even wrote a letter to Santa."

"Dad, if mum was here then I would have no reason to be sad. Christmas took her away, dad. If she hadn't gone to fetch that stupid turkey then she'd still be here. And no I haven't wrote a letter to Santa, because all I want for Christmas is my mum back." Danny finished breathing hard.

Danny's dad stood back before walking out, carrying the box of tinsel with him. For the rest of the night, Danny and his dad didn't speak, and Danny went to bed feeling bad, his dad was trying but he had failed to see that.



Danny shot up afraid, what on earth was that?

Danny cautiously got out of bed and walked down the stairs, but what he saw, shocked him.

"Santa, is that you?"

The man in the red suit turned around, from putting presents under the tree and smiled.

"Why hello Danny."

" do you know my name?"

"I know the name of every child, who sends me a letter."

"But I didn't send a letter." Danny said slightly confused.

"Ah well I have a very special angel with me to help me."


"Your mum."

Danny stood, mouth agape. "My mum..."

"Yes, she is up there in heaven, and what with her love for Christmas, she found her way to me."

Danny let out a sob. "I've been such a brat to my dad, how will I be able to make it up to him?"

"Well just try and be happy. Christmas is your mum's favourite time of year, just because you are happy doesn't mean you have forgotten her."

Danny nodded. "Thank you Santa, I'm going to go bed now. Merry Christmas Santa."

"Merry Christmas Danny."

The next day Danny woke up early, and ran into his dad's run.

"Hey sport"

"Hey dad, Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, son."


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