Death wishes and Poetry...

just a collection of poems i write often. most of them are personal but i believe that i'm not the only one who feels this way..


1. I Need a Friend


Ragged heart that needs repair 

rusty soul full of despair 


cut me ear to ear to make me smile

but fake happiness only lasts a while 


part of me is like the moon

hid, but running in my mind like a dune


lately nothing seems to please me 

black and crimson memories is all i see 


shortly, I've been hugging toilet seats 

trying to get warmth from lifeless sheets 


I want to rip my lungs out of my skin

but the only way out is considered a sin


days pass and turn to ashes 

still the scene of horror flashes

numb, cold and emotionless 


parts of me will never mend

I need a friend, I need a friend

I can't pretend, I comprehend 

I need a friend, I need a friend

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