Death wishes and Poetry...

just a collection of poems i write often. most of them are personal but i believe that i'm not the only one who feels this way..


2. Farewell my Fere


(Note: fere means friend..)


Darling someday we will both forget 

the times we had and the day we met

the things we shared, the words we said 

I yearn for the day my soul will rest

I hope for a day without regret


If in thy love I did invest 

I wouldn't be so damn depressed 

Every time I recall, I get wet 

thou were a flower, and I was a pest 


All the lullabies that we shared 

I have no desire to chant anymore 

All those times thou said thou cared 

I denied thee and now my heart is tore


If i could go back in time 

I would change this sinful crime 

Someday thou will wilt and devour 

and I'll be the one to blame

now i'm sitting on the shore 

calling for thee.....


Now I chant; farewell my fere 

The love we shared was strong and rare

at the roaring ocean doth I stare 

a gown of tears doth I wear 

Farewells are sudden, hard to explain 

but so were thee and so am I 


farewell my fere farewell

these dusty tales I'll never tell

without you I'm just an em empty shell

Farewell my fere, farewell

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