The moment I saw him

This is a Drarry fanfic so if you don't ship it don't read it. By the way this is my first fanfic so I would appreciate criticism.


1. Chapter 1

This is my first year in Hogwarts and I could honestly say I was nervous. My father introduced me to some boys named Crabbe and Goyle. They seemed to be cool and they did what ever I said. We got to the sorting ceremony and of course I got sorted into Slytherin. Then I saw him. His messy brown hair, his appearance in general, was absolutely astounding. But why him, one the many people my father won't approve of because he isn't a pure blood. But I can't help it. I think I love him. I think I love Harry Potter.

I am really antisocial so I had a real hard time talking to him. And I was so bad at talking that within the first time I met him, he hated me. Oh great

That is what I wanted. The one person I have been in love with ever to completely loathe me. And because I was nervous and said something completely unnecessary.

*** please read. If you like please say something. The next chapter will come soon.

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