Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


14. The Time is Near

Annie POV

Since the reaping I had not had a full night's sleep. Every night since I had been waking up multiple times every night, always the same nightmares. Adrian pulling me to the ground, and then I get surrounded by the Careers, and they slowly stab me to death. I got up from my bed, and went towards the living room. The floor was cold under my feet, and the room was dark, but on the navy blue couch, I could see a figure. In front of him there was a dim light, and I could hear the sound of writing. 

"Can't sleep?" He said, and I recognised his voice. It was Finnick. The writing stopped, and he turned his gaze towards me. There was a mild smile printed on his face. 

"Not really," I murmured. "And you?"

"Same thing, love," he said, suddenly a bit gloomy.

"It doesn't stop," He looked at me, not smiling any more. The Finnick I had seen on the television, and the big screens was gone. "The nightmares," It felt like he was opening up to me, but I did not understand why. I was just another tribute, and he had mentored any before me. Had he opened up to them too? Then he shook his head, and turned to his paper. 

"I'm sorry," he said, continuing the writing. I went closer to the couch, and looked carefully over his shoulder. 

"Poems," His writing was beautiful, and the was careful with every letter, forming it perfectly on the white paper. 

"I write them to keep the nightmares away," he looked at me. "Come, take a seat." I felt a bit insecure about sharing this restless night with my mentor, but I felt like I needed it, since Adrian was so distant and strange to me. I needed comfort. I took a blanket, and sat down beside him. After that we did not talk to each other. He just wrote his poems, and I secretly read them until I fell asleep. 

It was dark and cold. I felt liquid around me, and then.. waves. The sound of seagulls, the smell of the sea, the sand between my naked toes. Light. Slowly a wooden cabin became visible. I blinked my eyes to get used to the sunlight. I walked towards the cabin. Everything was so calm. I took the handle, and opened the down, and I fell. Deeper, and deeper into the darkness. Suddenly I found my self in a dark empty room. Water was fussing in, and rose up, covering my knees, then my thighs, and soon I couldn't breath. I was under water. I was drowning

I woke up sweaty. This time the sun blinded my eyes. I sat up, and looked around. I was in my room. He must has carried me to bed, when I finally gave into sleep. I went to the drawer and took out some of the clothes and a towel, and went to the bathroom and took a shower. The water was burning hot, but I did not mind. Being surrounded by water felt like home. The home I would probably never see again. Even though it seemed hopeless, I wished deep in my heart, that these game would be gone before Marvin turned 12. The thought left a sharp pain in my heart. And I felt the tears falling down my cheeks. 

"Don't be such a baby, Annie," I told my self. Now was not the time to be weak. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. It still felt weird, when the dryers turned on, and air-dried my body with a warm wind. That was a luxury that did not exist in District 4. I changed into the clean clothes and joined the others at the table. Breakfast was served as a high mountain of food, but it did not surprise me any more. Every meal we had, was a giant buffet, a mountain of different sorts of food. Anything you could imagine. I started to feel slightly embarrassed, when I noticed that Finnick sat right in front of me. He pulled his lip corners into a smile, and continued the morning feast. I looked down at my plate, and ate a croissant. Adrian was eating loads, and did not care to look at me, Finnick or Mags. Not before long, Mags pulled out her chair, and went into the bathroom. Adrian also drifted of into his room preparing for the training day. I wanted to leave the table as well, but it would just seem like I wanted to be far away from Finnick. Offending him would not be the best plan, if I wanted any hope for surviving the games. 

"Did you sleep well?" He broke the silence, and my heart started galloping.

"Um.. Yeah, I didn't even remember going back to my room," my cheeks started burning.

"You didn't," he just said smiling. I felt my cheeks reddening, and forced a nervous smile.

"Oh," After a while I pulled out the chair, and went towards my room.

"Annie," his voice sounded eager. I turned around, and looked at him."

"You talk in your sleep," he laughed kindly, and my face turned red like an tomato. 

"I uh.. need to get ready for the training," I said and quickly went to my room.


At training I took a course about survival together with the boy from 12 and the girl from 7. The teacher told us about poisonous plants and berries, and what kind of plants were edible. Later I trained sword-combat with Colin. He was good at it. He carried the sword with no problems, and spared with Luca. He moved elegant around on his feet, and dodged Lucas attacks. But when it came to me, the sword was way to heavy, and I just stumbled around. Colin just laughed at me kindly, and suggested that I would just stay with the bow and a knife. It all seemed normal to them, the fighting. They had as well trained their whole lives for this. I had used a knife before, never to kill anyone but fish.   

At dinner, Adrian did not show up at the table. Mags did not say anything as usual, and Finnick was busy writing things down on his paper. I hurried up eating my dinner, and went to my room. The Careers expected a lot of me, and I was so tired after the training. My eyes slowly closed, and I fell asleep.

Distant voices surrounded me, as I kept running. The branches from the trees tore my arms, but I just kept running. The footsteps and the voices got closer, and suddenly a strong hand pulled me into the bushes. It was Adrian. The held his finger to his mouth, as a gesture of silence. When the voices were just outside the bush he pulled me with him. I saw the others. It was the careers; Lori, Kierra, Luca and Colin. They had eyes filled with joy, as it was Christmas Eve, and murderous smiles. They came closer, pointing their weapons at me, and Colin went first, thrusting his sword into my stomach. I let out a scream and..

"Annie!!" I heard a comfortable voice in my hear. I woke up. He had his hands on my shoulders. 

"Finnick...?" I was still coming back to real life, and I looked horrified and confused at him. I was awake and in my room. It was still dark outside.

"What time is it?"

"2 am," he looked at me. I nodded and was almost myself again.

"What are you doing in here?" I looked at him.

"I heard you screaming, so I reacted," I nodded. 


"Try and sleep some more," He let go of my shoulders, and pushed himself up from the bed, and went towards the door.

"Finnick," He looked back at me, curiously. "Can you stay until I fall asleep?" My face reddened after I realised what I just said. I needed comfort. I needed safety. Just for one last time, and he just got to me. To him I probably wasn't anything else but a tribute, but to me he was already a safe haven. I remembered the night we talked about his life after his victory. About Adrian and my little brother. Remembered that I did not need to be embarrassed by his company. 

"Well, usually women have to pay me for-"

"Finnick!" I yelled.

"Sorry, a habit," His laugh made me comfortable and he came back and sat down on the bed.

"Okay then," He placed his hand on my arm, and petted it. 


Finnick POV

It did not last long before she fell asleep. Her face was so pure, when she was sleeping. I caressed her cheek, and listened to her soft breath. It was wrong. In a few days she would be in the arena, and then she would probably die. I let out a sigh and stroke her brown hair. Something inside me told me, that the least I could do was to comfort her. She had nobody. Her best childhood friend had neglected her, and she would probably never see her family again. I wished deep in my hearts of hearts that I could help her win the games, but that would need a miracle. She was just not suited for this. I leaned down, and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight Annie," and left the room.





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