Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


10. The Opening Ceremony

Annie POV


I stood in a cold room. The walls were white and a voice told me to strip off my clothes. So here I stood, naked, unknown of my soon-to-come fate. The door opened and a man came in. Immediately i felt uncomfortable. His hair was a light pink, and his outfit had zebra-prints. I noticed the tattoos on his face. They weren't black as tattoos usually are, but shining gold. 

"Hello, my name is Arausid. I'm your stylist," he said with a white, shining smile, which seemed like the standard in the Capitol.

"I'm Annie.." I said in a low voice. He took a good look at my naked body and with one touch, he pulled me to a black leather chair. 

"Sit here," he said and went out the door. I realised that the room weren't that cold. There were two black leather chairs, a weird shaped lamp and shelves on the wall. Arausid came in again now with an outfit. It was a dress, with a short front and a long back, there were no sleeves but a neck. It was deep blue as the sea, and there were laces resembling  fishing nets. Also there were tiny details like real oyster pearls. Arausid came closer and helped me with the dress. He pulled me to a giant mirror. The dress showed way too much skin, if you ask me. But I've seen the openings of several Games since I was born and the tributes from District 4 was always dressed provocative. 

"Now, we need to do something with your face," he said, leading me away from my thoughts. He then took me to a small white table, and two new, weird Capitol faces entered the room. They started putting make-up on my face. I've never used it, because my mother wouldn't let me - even though she used it herself for special occasions. An hour later I didn't look like myself. My hair was pinned up and had pretty curls. My eyes were covered with black and blue make-up. My eyelashes was suddenly a lot longer, and my cheekbones highlighted. I did not really understand how make-up could make your appearance change so much, but I was amazed. - I didn't look like a girl, I looked like a sophistical woman, and though I was half naked, it was classy somehow. 

"Annie, look at me," Arausid said, and I did as he pleased. I saw his lips form a big smile, showing his white teeth. 

"You look stunning!" His Capitol accent stood out, but it didn't fit him. Behind all his make-up and tattoos, he could have fit in in the districts. He walked around me, studying my appearance. Fixing small details here and there. Then he stopped right behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. I looked at the white wall, standing meters from it.

"Now walk!" He commanded in a light, though happy tone. I started walking to the wall and back, while Arausid told me to 'walk like a lady with style', 'walk like a cat, a sexy one', and so on. First I felt stiff and awkward. When I tried to walk 'sexy' I just felt like a duck with a broken leg. 

"Use your hips," he said, looking excited at me. I closed my eyes for a while. Once I opened them again my walk felt somehow different. It was fluent, and I felt like a cat, wondering on the city roofs.

When I had my walk right,  I got escorted down to the chariots. The barn smelled horrible. The stank of horses filled the air, and it was terrible. Adrian was already there. His upper body was bare, he had blue, ripped jeans on and a fishing net over the shoulder. I felt quite uncomfortable being around him and the fact that he was shirtless, showing off his abs, didn't help at all. I took my place beside him in the chariot.

"You ready Annie?" He said with his arrogant smile. I looked away, and the horses started to pull the chariot. We came outside under the blue sky, and I had to squeeze my eyes for a moment, protecting them from the bright sun light. Thousands of Capitol inhabitants was cheering and clapping. My dress suddenly felt very tight around my chest, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. 

"Annie," Adrian said, and I looked a bit surprised at him.

 "Breathe, wave to your fans," he continued, waving at the crowd. I then looked at the crowd and did the same. I forced a smile, even though the attention was just too much. Like, didn't they realize that we were actually here to die? Even Capitol people were cruel, or they were just too stupid to realize what was going on. 

Our chariot stopped as we formed a circle of twelve chariots starting with District 1, ending with District 12. President Snow sat on his throne, high above us all. The ceremony area was decorated in red colours, symbolising the Capitol. Snow started the opening ceremony with another one of his god damn speeches. I didn't listen. I mean, what would be different? I was here to die anyway. At least I could enjoy my last days - kind of.  

After the ceremony we went back to our apartment. There was a big party in the streets of the Capitol. You could see the fireworks from our big window panels. The dinner table was filled with food once again. I took a seat and didn't feel like eating. I just stared into the air.

"Annie, what did I told you yesterday?" I heard Finnick's voice, and looked at him.

"To eat a lot to gain strength..." I mumbled back.

"Exactly. Now eat!" He started to eat himself.

"I'm not hungry," I continued.

"Just eat fast, then you won't feel the satiation," he answered with his mouth full of food. Yes, the 'hottest' guy in Panem was so unattractive eating. - Trust me, it's disgusting. 

After I forced myself to eat way too much food, I went to my room. I was exhausted and I needed sleep. Tomorrow we'd had to associate with the other tributes, forming alliances, training.. Before I even started to worry I fell asleep.

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