Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


7. Perfection of Aggression



Inside me lives a beast so mean,

and he has been there since I was fourteen.

He haunts me at night with terrifying screams,

and reminds me that I'm not capable of having dreams.


I miss my dreams about that girl,

that appeared every night in my head - the pearl.

She was so beautiful as the blue, waving sea at the bay,

and I wish so dearly that she wouldn't fade away and by my side stay.


Now the only thing I do is surviving,

as instead of sleeping at night, I wish I was dying.

Why can't she come by and save me from my broken soul,

which is ripped up every night by the beast at control.


He returns again tonight to once open my bleeding heart,

and he will take her away and tear her apart.

But I will wait for him here in the dark,

because this night will be a different arc.


I will teach my beast a lesson,

of my perfection of aggression.




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