Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


5. I Fell


The ocean is blue,

and my feelings for her are true.

Like a starfish down the ocean floor,

I want to explore.

The sand on the shore,

and what I fell for.


Her eyes green,

her skin clean.

Without her voice so sweet,

I feel incomplete.

So I will show her the way,

to my passionate play.


Be with me, my love,

because you are all I can think of.

I will never leave,

and your pain I promise to relieve.

I know I fell in love,

'cause you I wont let go of.





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