Baby Its Cold Outside

Lizabeth has a pretty tough life. Her parents haven't come back from their 'vacation' so she's living in a 5 bedroom house all by herself. One day she meets a very special blonde haired boy. Find out what happens when Liz meets Niall's family and friends.


1. Just Great!

Liz's P.O.V.

Omg this has been the worst day ever! First my sweater gets caught and rips then I lose my bus tokens so now I'm walking home in the freezing cold and snow! UGG! Could this day get any worse?! " Oh I'm so sorry" " Great Just Great! Where'd my phone go?" "When did you have it last?" " I had in my hand before you bumped into me you knocked it out of my hands and into the snow, idiot!" " Sorry my name's not idiot, it's Niall." I had to admit he had a pretty cute accent. I think it was Irish. "Here it is!" I found my phone and tried to turn it on but it was water damaged. Of course it was. No one could ever have a worse day then this! "Ha it's ruined! Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse" I muttered as I stared to walk away but was stopped. "Wait!" AHHHH! I just want to go home! "I didn't catch your name." "It's Lizabeth" "Like as in Elizabeth?" "No just Lizabeth." "Oh that's a really pretty name" "Thanks but I really want to get home." "Ok" With that I left. "I'll make it up to you for the phone" Niall shouted to me.

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