hey you pretty brown eyes

this story ," Hey you pretty brown eyes". Is about a girl named Ria . She had a brother named Ashton . She had a crush on THE MOST POPULAR boy in the school. Niall Horan . Niall Horan liked Ria to but did Ashton like him . later on in the story Niall breaks up with Ria so Ria has been going to her friend Harry's house a lot . Do you think that Ria will date Daniel from the next step


1. Meeting you

Ria's point of view


One sunny day i was walking on the beach with a couple of friends .

1. Daniel



4.West and Michelle.We thought that since we are going to dance for finals we should practice our dance. These are the steps. West goes onto the stage and does a back flip. Riley twirls onto the stage . Emily does three walks then she kicks her leg onto the stage  and  Daniel lifts me onto the stag Michelle flips around.We noticed  that people knew we are on the next step . After five or more practices we go into the water .It was fun swimming we also practiced under water doing cartwheels and many more . i went out of the water and a boy started walking close to me. Closer and closer. He said ,"Hi". He was cute so i had to say hi . He asked me to go on a walk with him so i said," Ok". I had a feeling that we were meant to be .He had blue eyes I had brown eyes . He was white I was mixed  . We exchanged numbers and now tommorow he's taking me to Starbucks to have a nice chat. Once i told Riley ,Emily, Michelle,Chole ,Stephanie , Tiffany and  Giselle they came  pronto to help me do my hair makeup and more but tommorow is finals i called him and no answer  then he answered an he said ," Ria i already have a date so dont talk to me ". I started to cry. 



Emily's pov


Who needs him anyway.We know Ria has a thing for Daniel.Maybe he likes her to . Ria has just started love I mean c'mon i've been through love many times and i can't say she does not know anything about love.





Since Niall does not like Ria , Ria decides that she would just practice her duet with Daniel . They all went to the dance studio and then Daniel wanted to talk to Ria.



Daniel pov


I wanted me and Ria to date . Sure I know Tiffany likes me and we are dating  but i think Ria and I could do way much better . She asked me , "What do you need ". Looks like she was crying. I said , " I need you ". It was  no use because she said it would tear the team apart . She just broke my heart into pieces .



James pov


I was just fliping around when i heard  whispering . It was Daniel and Ria .I heard Daniel say  Ria I want you . Is he dating Tiffany still




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