Story of Her Life

Every life is a story and Georgia turns the pages of her photo album to look at the story of her life...
“Somebody is looking very beautiful tonight.”
Georgia blushed as she looked down at her electric blue frock. The heels were killing her feet but it was worth this compliment. Still she had to act modest, “Don’t try to change the conversation. Flattery will get you nowhere.”
“I was talking about myself,” Harry laughed his throaty laugh.
Georgia made a face but she couldn’t stay angry with Harry even for seconds. His cuteness made her smile, “I can’t contradict that though.”
Harry nearly stumbled when he heard that. “Wha-I mean, thank you.”


1. Story of Her Life

Story of Her Life

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Georgia sat with great difficulty on the rocking chair. The cold was too much and even though she was wearing a number of sweaters and shawls she was shivering. Her old bones pained and her face would have seemed emotionless to a spectator. The once young and beautiful face was now lined with wrinkles but still remained pretty. The dainty old woman rocked slowly listening to the nearly inaudible music coming from her granddaughter’s music system.

Suddenly the music stopped and simultaneously Georgia stopped rocking. There was a lot of noise as Clara appeared. At eleven Clara looked to be growing into something to be proud of but for Grandma Georgia it was as if she was looking into her own face. Clara might never know but her features were definitely passed on from Georgia.

“Grandma, I am bored,” Clara held on to the armrest, looking at Georgia.

Georgia patted the girl’s head. “Well, let’s change that, shall we? What does the little princess want to do?”

Clara made a thinking face, “I wonder if you have any pictures from when you were little. Were you little like me, Grandma?”

Georgia rose from the rocking chair and walked to one of the side-cupboards in the drawing room. “Yes, as strange as it seems I was as little as you. A long time ago…” With great difficulty she took out three leather bound albums. Clara grabbed them.

“Come sit on the sofa,” Clara said running towards the sofa. “These are dirty.”

Georgia sat beside her, “I know. I haven’t seen them since…since your Grandfather died.”

Clara squeezed Georgia’s wrinkled hand, “I miss Grandpa Harry too.”

Georgia gulped and opened the first album. There was a black and white photo of Georgia’s parents holding a baby Georgia in their arms. Clara exclaimed, “Oh my God! Grandma, you are a baby here.”

Georgia smiled, “Yeah!”

As pages turned years of life sped by. There was three-year-old Georgia trying to climb a small tree. Her mother had often told her how she had fallen and cried for hours after spraining her ankle. A seven-year-old Georgia stood proudly painting the bedroom wall with a variety of colours. This was also the first coloured photograph in the album. Georgia stopped on a page which had photos of her with her first writing award. She still remembered it so well….

A fifteen year old brunette sat nervously in the crowd behaving as if she wasn’t worried but as everybody’s entry was discussed the knot in her stomach became tighter. She listened with a loudly beating heart without daring to take a breath as the results were read out. She stood up in a daze smiling widely.

 The walk to the stage had seemed so long that time. She had received a certificate and cash amount. She had kept the money for days only to spend it on a pair of skates.

The next photo was of a skating Georgia. Her father had taken it and it had captured her mother’s worried expression perfectly. A number of photos showed Georgia falling and then finally skating well.

Georgia laughed and then coughed, “I had a wonderful time skating, you know?”

“You look a little like me, Grandma…I want to skate too,” Clara said excitedly. “It seems cool.”

“It’s quite dangerous actually,” Georgia spoke the very words her own mother had muttered years ago. “I collided with a number of trees and nearly got crushed under a car but it was cool. That’s how I met your Grandfather for the first time.”

“Wow! How did that happen?” Clara was loving every minute of all this.

Georgia turned to the next photo. It was a blurry photo of her colliding with someone. “It’s funny but I collided into him. Harry was unhurt and instead of yelling at me he just laughed and helped me up. We became friends then and there.”

“That’s so romantic.”

Georgia laughed. “It was kind of humiliating actually.”

A seventeen year old Georgia was skating while her best friend, Jane, took photos for the photography club.

“You are coming really blurry in these, I think,” Jane shouted.

Georgia turned to look at her best friend cupping a hand to her ear, “What did you say? Ouuuch-” Bam! The next thing she knew was falling into something soft. When she opened her eyes, green eyes met her stare. She blinked after what seemed like an eternity breaking the trance they had fallen into.

The boy helped her up.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t seeing where I was going and … I hope you aren’t hurt?” Georgia asked worriedly.

The boy brushed aside the brown curls falling into his eyes, “Not at all. I wasn’t seeing where I was going. I’m Harry by the way. You are-?”

“Georgia.” She smiled at him and he returned the smile.

She had skated minutes later towards Jane who had said, “Did you see his face? He is totally in love with you.”

“Jane! You are jumping to conclusions. We don’t even know each other.”

“Grandma? What are you thinking?”

Georgia broke out of her memory she hadn’t realised it but she had been smiling. “Nothing.”

Clara was already on the next photo. It was of Georgia’s mum. “What happened?” Clara asked sensing Georgia’s smile drop.

“My mother died.”

Clara looked at Georgia’s dim eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“Its okay. Everybody has to die someday.”

“I heard Papa saying that you don’t have much long to live. that true?” Clara’s tone was so fearful that it made Georgia laugh.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Georgia clasped Clara’s little hand. “I will always be there to look after you. Let’s go to the next picture okay?”

The next one was one of Georgia’s favourite. Harry and Georgia were dancing at the Winter Ball.

“You are a horrible dancer,” Harry whispered impishly in Georgia’s ear. “That’s the third time you’ve stepped on my toes, love.”

“Then it makes us even. You are not very great yourself,” Georgia stuck her tongue out.

“Somebody is looking very beautiful tonight.”

Georgia blushed as she looked down at her electric blue frock. The heels were killing her feet but it was worth this compliment. Still she had to act modest, “Don’t try to change the conversation. Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“I was talking about myself,” Harry laughed his throaty laugh.

Georgia made a face but she couldn’t stay angry with Harry even for seconds. His cuteness made her smile, “I can’t contradict that though.”

Harry nearly stumbled when he heard that. “Wha-I mean, thank you.” Then as if making up his mind, “I know you are too beautiful, intelligent and talented to be mine but could you please me my girlfriend?”

Georgia’s already pink cheeks blazed red and even though she opened her mouth no answer came. “I-I-is that a joke?”

“No, no,” Harry smiled. “I’m really serious but it’s okay if you say no.”

“As if I would say no,” Georgia’s eyes were downcast as she mumbled.

Harry placed a hand under her chin and made her look into his green eyes, “I don’t know if you know but I’m the happiest man in this room right now.”

That evening while everybody was busy with something or the other, Georgia was looking through the photos in the album. There were pictures from her graduation.

“Georgia! You are such a nerd. Nobody gets such marks,” Harry looked in awe at her Certificate of Excellence. “All this is making me feel so not-intelligent.”

Georgia had hugged him, “Strange. I thought you were the most intelligent person I knew.”

The photos had become lesser as Jane and Georgia went to different places. The next important photo was Georgia’s wedding.

Georgia’s heart was beating so loud as she walked up the aisle. Her face was flushed with happiness as people turned to smile at her. Jane grinned in her bridesmaid dress. Finally, Georgia stood beside him, the man she loved.

Harry looked very handsome in his tuxedo. He smiled widely as they were declared husband and wife. He held her easily and kissed her softly.

As Georgia returned the kiss she held him close hearing the click of a camera behind.

Tears were falling on the photo and Georgia wiped them quickly. It had been difficult to live without a person you had spent nearly the whole of your life with. The last six years had been so painful without him. She fingered his face in the photo and smiled back.

The next photos were of their house. It was a dreamy little place and would house countless memories in the future. Georgia remembered each and every corner of it. She laughed aloud when she saw a photo of Harry and her holding little Peter in their arms. They had been so happy then. To become parents was something that made them responsible but at the same time even more loving. She remembered Harry buying all the baby toys and clothes mostly getting the size wrong. The years had passed in a whirlwind. Harry had always been the perfect husband and the perfect father taking time out from his job and never neglecting his family.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked looking at his wife and second child with a little concern.

“Never been better,” Georgia replied.

Peter was standing on his toes looking into the cradle, “Is that my sister?”

“Yeah, she is,” Harry held him up so he could see better. “You like her?”

Peter nodded, “I love her but she does seem a little bald, doesn’t she?”

His mother and father had laughed at his question and the baby woke at the noise.

It was the first time she had opened her eyes and both the parents smiled as her green eyes stared at her brother in wonder.

Mary, their daughter, looked so much like him and Georgia remembered how happy they had been when Mary got married. Peter had taken some time to find the right woman and Georgia had respected him for that. Harry had often said how proud he was to have a lovely family full of the right kind of people.

The third album was getting over now. As Georgia turned to the last page, a tear fell on the page. This time she didn’t have the strength to wipe it away. It was the last photo.

Harry and Georgia were sitting on the sofa. Harry had Mary’s son, Dan, in his arms and Clara, Peter’s daughter, was sitting on Georgia’s lap reaching out towards her grandfather’s grey curls. Mary and her husband stood towards the left and Peter and his wife stood towards the right. Peter looked a bit flustered since he had set the camera and only managed to come inside the frame before the photo clicked.

Georgia smiled. Every life was a story and her story had achieved the happy ending right there. She closed her eyes softly humming a song that Harry had often sung to her. It had been something about dancing all night or had it been snogging in the streets…?

A faint smile lit up her face before her humming paused and her hands let go of the photo album which fell to the ground with a thud she would never hear.


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