Pizza Delivery

Liv is on a summer job at a pizza place.When she delivers a pizza to Niall from the biggest band in the world One Direction.Will she fangirl and make him uncomfortable ? or Will they fall in love?


5. Love Birds

                                                              2 WEEKS LATER         

It was time to leave Spain I didn't want to leave, but I did want to see my babe Niall I missed him so much.When we got back Niall and Louis stood there Niall had flowers for me.I gave Niall the biggest hug and smashed my lips against his as he picked me up and twirled me around.Never before have I felt so loved."I missed you so much Liv"Niall said."I missed you too Niall" I said.He was the love of my life I never wanted to let him go.But after all the hugging and kissing we went to of course Niall's favorite place Nando's."That was delicious"Niall said.After Nando's.Niall brought me back to his house and I stayed in the guest room it was beautiful.I hear Niall crying and I went in to his room and I saw him sobbing."Whats wrong Niall?"I asked him.He said "Im not sad these are tears of joy I am now an uncle".

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