Pizza Delivery

Liv is on a summer job at a pizza place.When she delivers a pizza to Niall from the biggest band in the world One Direction.Will she fangirl and make him uncomfortable ? or Will they fall in love?


9. Ireland

When I woke up we were parked at a petrol station.I looked up and saw Niall smiling."Hey where's Maura" I said."She is gone to get petrol and lunch"Niall said."Aww that's sweet of her"I said."Guess what"Niall says happily."We are getting Nando's??"I ask."What no wait can we??Anyway we are nearly there just half an hour more and I will be holding Theo"Niall said.

Liv's P.O.V

The whole half an hour me and Niall were either cuddling, throwing M&M's into each other's mouths or singing along to Westlife.When we finally got there Niall ran out of the car really fast,which is weird because he has had Nando's and pizza 3 days in a row now.When he knocked on the door there was no answer, he knocked three more times after that.I began to think they were not there

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