Pizza Delivery

Liv is on a summer job at a pizza place.When she delivers a pizza to Niall from the biggest band in the world One Direction.Will she fangirl and make him uncomfortable ? or Will they fall in love?


1. Night Shift

This is the last delivery of the day. I'm exhausted.It was 12:30 am and the house was far away.When I got there the house was gigantic it was like a mansion.Why were they ordering pizza if they were incredibly rich?.I knocked on the door and a tall blonde Irish boy stood there.That will be £20 I said.Em here you go he said nervously.Thanks I said. As I began to walk away he called me back.He said em I didn't catch your name.Its Liv I said.So Liv would you like to go out sometime and yeah my name is Niall he said.I wasn't sure what to do but for fun I just said yes.Ok heres my number call me so and pick me up around 8 I said.Sure Niall said.

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