The Love Club

River had a normal life:drama free,boy free, and she was happy but when the Bieber twins move back into town this get filled with drama. parties,sex,cheating,heartbreak. What more could there be in a love triangle.
Follow theses three teens as they try and work things out so they can go back to normal. Because you know what I say more people fall in love in the Love Club.
(Kinda based off of Jerek twins but with my twist and turns as well)


2. just leave me alone

Previously on the love club

And then the The Bieber twins walk through the door.



Finally the last class of the day is coming 8th period music. Which for some reason I have with both teens but the plus side is that Justin is famous so, he leaves for his tour in 3 months. I went to my locker 345687. I entered by combo which is 68/77/98. My subtraction is that both twins lockers 789040/J and 678791/T are next to me,Oh look it here they come now with the sluttiest girls in school. Jamie and janelle. they were wearing the same outfit as well pink tube top that show to much cleavege and a whole lotta stomachand a light blue mini skirt. They finally got to their lockers. i was gettigmy books when i heard someone whisper hey shawty in my ear and someone wrap their arms around oh shit.I turnede around and saw both twins no slutty sisters. They were both look right at me AH the same pair of eyes. "Hey can you Just Leave me alone" I dont think so nerd" one of them said cant tell em' apart yet. Are you T-Toby who said that. one of them shook their head and bit their lip and and said "Yeah while  talking toddlerish the bell had rung im gonna be late for class ands it not like me to be late- " Hey SHOULDNT YOU KIDS BE IN CLASS" a teacher said " MsFare why are you out here'' they kept me back not letting me go " oh alright but all of you still get detention unless"

'' Unless what" all three of said at the same time.


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