Not Just A Demigod ~ Percy Jackson

Two girls, Jayde and Aria have come to Camp Half-Blood; both demi-gods who are incredibly powerful. Why? Because they've been blessed by all 12 Olympians, and been raised on Olympus. Now a new quest is set, one that might spell the end of the world. But then again what quest hasn't.
( Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe Belongs to the AMAZING Rick Riordan. I only own Jayde, Aria and and other unrecognisable characters )


6. Chapter 6


I hardly slept at all that night. I was way too hyped up about the quest the next day. Plus I was kind of confused about Jayde and Aria, the "kind of" demigods. I spent the whole night tossing and turning, trying to get some sleep for the quest, but I just couldn't. When the first rays of sun filtered in through the windows, I was somewhat relieved.

"PEEERRRCYYYY!!!!!!!" A loud voice yelled, as my cabin door was flung open. "NO TIME FOR SLEEPING!!! WE HAVE TO GO GET READY FOR THE QUEST!!!!!!" it yelled. I groaned; even though I was glad I didn't have to try falling asleep anymore, it was too early to actually get out of bed. I pulled the covers up over my head, only to have them ripped off me again. "Aria!" another voice yelled, "Let him sleep! It's like, five in the morning!" I opened my eyes, to see two pairs staring back at me; one jet black, the other light brown with hints of gold. "Let him sleep? But we have so much to do!!!" Aria exclaimed.

I tried to ask 'Is she usually this energetic in the morning', but it came out as a series of mumbles. "What's he saying?" Aria questioned, looking at me quizzically. "Um, I have no idea." Jayde responded.
"I said," I spoke tiredly, mustering all my energy, "Is she usually this energetic in the morning?" 
"Nope!" Jayde grinned. "Usually she's lazy as. She's just excited about the quest." I nodded, groaning mentally as I heaved the covers off myself and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

"Why are we up so early anyway?" I questioned. Aria flopped down at the foot of my bed, pulling Jayde to sit in between her and me. 
"Well, I was excited and Jayde always gets up as soon as the sun comes out. You know, daughter of Apollo and all..." she finished.
"Guess that makes sense..." I mumbled. 

"I think Argus is taking us at 8," Jayde began, catching both our attention, "So we have 3 hours. What should we do?" she asked.
"Dunno... Hey, can we go to my cabin? I don't like this one... It smells salty." Aria complained, sitting up. Personally, I always liked the salty smell. It reminded me of the ocean... And of my father. "Come to think of it," Aria continued, "It kinda smells like old Barnacle Beard!" I guess she thought so too.

"Yeah, sure." I replied, standing up. "Let's go."

Aria jumped up, and jogged out of my cabin, leaving Jayde and I to trail behind. "Sorry about her," Jayde apologised, "She can get a bit... homesick at times. She likes being anywhere that reminds her of the Underworld."
"It's fine," I smiled at her, and she grinned back.
"Race you to the Hades cabin?" she challenged.
"Why not? We all know who's gonna win!" I shot back. Without any further conversation, we sprinted to the Hades cabin, overtaking a surprised Aria. "I win!" Jayde yelled. Sure enough, she had touched the black door a second before me. 

"Whatever." I smiled, and nudged her shoulder playfully. Aria jogged up to us. "What the heck? Were you guys racing?"
"Yeah," I replied sheepishly.
"Ok then... Well come on!" she pushed open the door and went inside.

The Hades cabin always gave me the creeps. There was one set of bunk beds, pushed up against the back wall. Both had silky black sheets. All the windows had the curtains drawn over them, and the room would have been pitch black if not for the torches holding greek fire lining the walls. See, I told you, it's creepy. 

Only then did I notice that the bottom bunk was currently inhabited by a suspiciously Nico-shaped lump. "Uh, Aria?" I whispered, "Isn't Nico asleep? Maybe we should go somewhere else." I suggested. Aria just scoffed. "Dude, Nico sleeps like a log. We won't be bothering him." She scaled the ladder on the side of the bunk to get to the top bed, Jayde following her close behind. "Ah, what the heck." I said, climbing the ladder after them.

We sat at the top of the surprisingly large bed. "I think we should plan. I mean, we have a lot of stuff to plan. 17 things have been stolen!" Aria said. 
"Wait - 17 things? I thought only the 12 Olympians had stuff stolen from them!" I interjected. 
"Not just the 12 Olympians. There's also Hades, Hestia, Aria, our friend Lyneesha and I. We've all been stolen from." Jayde explained. Well, great. More things to do.

"So we're getting the necklace thing first, right?" Aria asked. 
"Zeus's Gorgonian, yeah. It's in Medusa's Lair... Aunty Em's Garden Emporium, right?" Jayde turned towards me. I nodded. 
"I hate that place. Grover, Annabeth and I went there on our first quest."
"Yeah, we know." Aria intoned. 

"So anyway," Jayde spoke up, "We decided we're getting the Gorgonian first, then Hera's diadem. What does the diadem do anyway?" she added.
"I think it just is made to looks pretty" Aria leaned back against the wall next to the edge of the bed.
"Sounds about right I S'pose" Jayde realised. "But does it do anything?"
Aria shrugged. "Dunno. Guess we'll have to wait and see."

In the distance, a loud horn sounded for breakfast. "Wow, that was quick." Aria said dryly.
"Yeah! It must be, 7 already!" Jayde exclaimed, hopping off the side of the tall bunk. Aria followed her lead. I just climbed back down the ladder. Leave the crazy stunts to the two crazy girls.

I exited the cabin ,Gladly might I add, and headed down to the dining pavilion.
" Percy" I jumped as Annabeth appeared beside me
" Gods Annabeth, don't do that" I breathed
" We need to talk" She spoke solemly, I gulped. I don't have much experience but i know when your girlfriend says that it means something EXTREAMLY bad.
" Uh, okay" she walked to the side of the pavilion obviously expecting me to follow . . . which I did.
" I have no clue how to do this" She groaned to herself, then faced me " Percy, I don't want to be with you any more"

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