Not Just A Demigod ~ Percy Jackson

Two girls, Jayde and Aria have come to Camp Half-Blood; both demi-gods who are incredibly powerful. Why? Because they've been blessed by all 12 Olympians, and been raised on Olympus. Now a new quest is set, one that might spell the end of the world. But then again what quest hasn't.
( Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe Belongs to the AMAZING Rick Riordan. I only own Jayde, Aria and and other unrecognisable characters )


3. Chapter 3

I was nervous and excited at the same time. I know, that sounds kind of weird. But Chiron hadn’t issued a quest since Kronos’s defeat. I missed the action; the feeling of danger I had been constantly feeling the past few years. I needed excitement back in my life. And a quest was the perfect way to do that. Plus, I was kind of hoping I would get to go on this quest, because Jayde was going. I was still confused about her. I had known her back in grade three! I had always thought she was just a regular mortal.
I turned my attention back to Chiron, who looked like he was mulling something over in his head. “I think it can be agreed that both Aria and Jayde should be on this quest." he reasoned. The senior counsellors murmured an approval. "That just leaves one person." Chiron noted. 

"It would have to be someone with experience," Aria interjected, "Preferably someone who's been on a quest before. This isn't going to be easy." Chiron nodded, taking the suggestion into account. He turned to me. "Percy, I would ask you, but you've been through too much this past year. I couldn't impose that on you." He spoke.

"No! Really, it's fine!" I stumbled over my words. "I would be happy to go on the quest! This is pretty serious." Chiron studied me for a moment, and nodded. "Very well then. I must discuss this with Mr. D. Meeting's over, you may return to your classes." The half stallion said.
'Great, another run with the nymphs' I thought standing up with the rest of the campers and heading to the doors. For a moment my eyes locked with stormy grey ones before they looked to the ground and then Annabeth had vanished out the door. I followed the crowd and spotted grover standing against the blue and white barn.

“ What was that all about” He asked as I approached him “ And who are these girls everyone talking about”
“Seriously!” Someone exclaimed before I could answer “Word travels fast!” Aria appeared beside followed by Jayde, who flashed me a smile.
“Those two girls would be us.” she finished looking towards Grover who bleated nervously and knelt down on one knee faster than Zeus’s Lightning.
“ Good evening your highn-“
“Please stand. We don’t want a commotion. What’s your name, satyr?” Jayde asked Grabbing his hand and pulling him up. She took her place beside the blackette while Grover stared awe struck at his hand.

“ That’s Grover.” I said “ I’m Percy Jackson.”
“ We know.” Aria Muttered, Jayde glared at her then looked at me.
“ Its good to see you again.” She said.
“ Dude you know her?” Grover hissed in my ear, I nodded.
“ Yeah, you too, and know we’re going on a quest that we know nothing about.”
“ I’m sure Jayde would be happy to explain it to you. Grover, do you mind showing me where the arena is? I want to practice.” Grover almost tripped over his hooves to get to the dark eyed girl.
“ S-sure” He bleated and led her down the trail towards the arena where Mrs. O’Leary would currently be playing Frisbee.
Jayde rolled her eyes at her friend as they disappeared into the trees.  “ So...” She trailed off.
I chuckled “ So?”
“ I’d better explain everything to you, right?”
“ That’s a great idea Jayde.” She raised her eyebrows at me.
“ Please, the only ideas I come up with are great!” I laughed, and noticed we we’re still standing on the Big house’s deck.
“ C’mon! Let's go to the beach, we’ll talk on the way.” I said, she grinned at me and nodded “ So you’re a Demi-God?”
“ Kind of...” I looked at her questionably.
“ How can you be ‘Kind of’ A Demi-God?”
She took in a breath” Well I was born to Apollo, you know who he is, and Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, I would be a Goddess but something happened. Honestly, I can’t explain that I have no clue but I won’t become a full goddess until I come of age. 20 Years old, I think Dad said. Anyway That’s how you can be Kind of a Demi-God.” I nodded and turned her towards the beach when she strayed down the wrong path
“ You we’re heading to the cabins” I explained after she threw me a look.
“Oops well it has been a while since I was here. I have to catch up with some old friends after I’ve talked to you” Her face fell “ Most of them anyway”
Luke Was the first name that came to mind. She must’ve been friends with Him, that also means she knew about the 2nd Titan War.
“ Yeah Mr. Big shot I know about the war I was with the Olympians at the time with Ayesha”
“ You read minds?”
“ No I read Body language. Either I made a complete fool of myself and you were thinking of something completely different or I was awesomely right”
“ No your good” I answered
“ Thought so, Ares and Athena Trained me to watch my opponents body to see when and how they would strike, then Aphrodite taught me the ways of body language to see how people would be feeling. I’m working on it”
“ Can I be the first to say how cool that its”
She giggled “ Sure Perce. Wow” I looked around and saw we had reached our destination. The beach. The sand glittered gold and the lake a vibrant blue in the sunlight.
“ Yeah, It’s Pretty nice”
“ PRETTY NICE” she yelled followed by flopping onto the hot sand“ I’ve never get to go to the beach”
 " Really?" 
She grinned sheepishly " I've been train all my life, that or trying to find other potential demi-gods"
" Harsh" I commented
" They we're prepared Aria and I for the worst" She paused " and they thing that times come"
" The Quest?" She nodded
" Someone stolen a sacred possession from each major god. From each Olympian and from Aria and I. The first object we need to start with is Zeus's" She cast a worried look at the sky that had darkened through-out the day " He's getting agitated"
"So a godly treasure hunt" I asked
" I guess so, good job lightning the mood Jackson." She laughed
" Okay so someone stole some things from the gods, and we need to find them?"
" We need to find the Items. Whoever did it wasn't stupid, He or she hid them all over the city, county or world. We don't know the extent of it all I know is that we need to find them and return them before the balance shifts. Then life as we know it will crumble" She emphasised her point by picking up a handful of and and letting it fly out over the beach.
" Life or Death, These odd's follow me everywhere"
" I've heard" She agreed " And that brings me to my next point. We need you because you know where to look for the first object."
She looked at the sky wearily before finishing 
"Zeus's Gorgoneion"

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