My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


2. What?


Rose's POV

I climbed out of bed and clicked my phones on button.  50 new texts. Oh, my friends. 

I have three friends. Ofcourse there's the occasional Sally and Luke in the hallway, but these three are the ones who I have group convos at midnight with.

Charlotte( we call her Callie)


And Alden ( Nora's boyfriend)

We've been best friends since primary school.

Callie was calling me,
"Hey" I said calmly into the phone."

" WHERE ARE YOU? IM IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE!" She screamed before hanging up.

That's like her...

I jumped into my white dress with a light blue belt. I slipped on some blue flats and grabbed my bag without eating breakfast. I opened the door to find Callie. 

"Woah" I stammered out.

She was wearing tight jeans, a bright read top and a cropped leather jacket.

She was a bad girl. We all knew that. We just never knew when she would dress like one. I guess she chose today.

"Slowpoke" she teased. I swung my bag on my shoulder, and linked my arm with hers. 

" guess what?" Callie asked.


"I found out why Zayn liked Perrie."


"Remember? That semester she had just died her hair pink. The star studs like girls with colored hair."

I was pondering the new information I had just received. It was true. All of their past girlfriends have had more or less color in her hair.
We called the talents the star studs, because there are five points in a star. Five boys. All studs. Get it? No? Okay.

I had always admired Perrie's uniqueness when it came to her hair.

As we rounded the corner we pulled up to a small house.

We could hear crying and yelling coming from inside. Everybody was up, so we didn't have to worry about being rude.

I knocked on the door roughly, and we waited for an answer.

When nobody came to the door, we tried again.

I was about to knock again when Callie pushed me away. 

She banged both of her fists against the wooden door so hard I thought it was going o break.  Callie? She's only the strongest girl I know.


And in a minute, Nora was out.

"That was surprisingly effective" I giggled.

" How are you babe? " I asked her linking my free arm through hers.

"I'm great! Sorry about all of that, the twins were fighting."

Nora had older twin sisters, a year older than Perrie.

We rounded another corner, and climbed up the hill to the school.

We straightened out our hair and smoothed out our outfits before entering through the large double doors.

We went to our sea foam color lockers that were conveniently located next to each other. 

Alden came up.

"Hey babe" he said grabbing Nora's hand.

They hugged and he said hi to both of us before they both walked to their first class.

Then it happened.

Every head turned. Every sound ceased. Every heart stopped.

All you could hear were five pairs of feet walking down the hallways.

There they were. The star studs. 

I was actually pleased to see them, because Callie and I were in love with Liam.

I was pleased to see them until they stopped in front of Callie and I, Zayn heading the pack.

"Heyyyy Zayn" I said awkwardly.

" Listen kid. I don't want you in the house tonight. Perrie and I need some alone time. My boys will take care of it." 

He snapped and Niall, Louis followed him. Harry followed fast after hugging Callie. They were close.

Liam was left behind. 

He looked at both of us and smiled at Callie. 

"Sweet jacket" he said.

"Thanks"she replied," it's my favorite.

He nodded at her, then his face turned serious, like he was being snapped out of a trance.

" anyway, do you two want to come to a party I'm having tonight? Zayn wants to be alone with Your sister, and I thought why not invite you guys?"

I looked at Callie, and we both nodded.


"Cool... Niall will pick you guys up when he drops off Zayn."

"Oh wait- " I ask
He spins around.


"Can our friend Nora come?"

He rolled his eyes, then nodded, before strutting off.

What. Just. Happened.






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