My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


23. Too good to be true. Or is it?

Callie's POV β€¨Liam and I have been together for a month now, and honestly, things couldn't be better.

"Callie, what the f*ck!"

Just kidding. 

" Liam, I have no idea what happened!"

He grabbed his phone and shoved it in my face.

"Look! It's so damn obvious that you were with him that night!"

"Liam I swear I wasn't! I promise I would never do that to you! You have to believe me!"

"I DON'T believe you! Everybody in school is talking about how you hooked up with Eric! And there's a photo of you two together that proves it!"

"Liam!" I yelled, now getting super angry.
"The picture proves NOTHING. We were TALKING?! Ever heard of it?"

He rolled his eyes at me and raised his voice," don't give me anymore of this bull! I gave you everything I had!" With that, he sat on his bed, across from where I was standing in his room. He put his elbows on his thighs and put his face in his hands. 

" I did nothing wrong Liam! I would never hurt you like that." I said sighing.

Liam looked up with tear stained cheeks for a second before returning them to his hands. β€¨" it's just I love you so damn much"

I sigh again and I walk over to where he is. 

I plop down next to him, and take the SnapBack He's wearing off of his head. I run my fingers through his hair and then he looks at me. His eyes are still red from crying out of frustration. 

I put one of my hands on his arm 

" Liam, I love you too.   That's how you should know it's not true."

He looks at me.

" it's just so painful to think about. You giving yourself to another guy, when I love you this much."

I kissed his tear stained cheek and I started to cry myself. 

" I'm sorry I caused you so much pain Liam. I really didn't do anything." 

"I would do anything to believe you. But how can I be sure Callie?" 

I sigh, still crying," because I was saving myself for you, idiot."

With that I burst into a fit of tears, hugging my legs to my chest, and hiding my head behind my knees. 

Suddenly I feel two strong arms around me, and I stop crying. 

Liam pulls me into his lap, so I'm leaning against his chest. 

"Shh." He coos in my ear. 

He kissed my head and then my cheek. He slowly kissed my whole face, until there wasn't a spot he hasn't touched with his soft lips.  

I opened my eyes and looked into his.

" I believe you." He whispers as he hugs me to him.

He bends down and kisses me with the most emotion he ever has. Suddenly, im lying down and he's above me, still kissing me passionately. My hands slide under his shirt and run over his torso as we kiss. He has one hand behind my neck, and every once in a while,  he'll brush my cheek with his thumb. 

We're still kissing and his hands find their way under my shirt.
He makes eye contact with me and smiles a warm smile. 

He returns to kissing me, but I can feel his large warm hand on my stomach.

Liam pulls away from my mouth and whispers in my ear, " are you sure you didn't do anything?"

I look at him in his eyes and whisper back," yes. I love you."

"I love you too."



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