My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


27. the beach

Rose's POV

When we arrived everyone was quick to jump out of the van.

Zayn yelled," last one to the house has to sleep in a room with Liam and Callie!"

Everyone, including myself, darted towards the house.

The House was huge! A giant chandelier marked the living room and a dark brown spiral staircase led up to the second floor.

" Okay guys" Niall said," there are four rooms. Two king bed rooms, and two rooms with bunk beds."

Zayn rushed past me and ran up the stairs yelling," I'm bunking, with Harry."

I guess he didn't want to be caught in a kind bed with someone. Smart.

Callie and Liam went next," King please."

We all rolled our eyes.

Louis gave me a look," could I have the honor of sharing a king with you m'lady?" He gave a little bow.

I laughed, nodded and we headed up the stairs... That meant Niall and Nora would be sharing bunk beds... It all worked out after all


"Everybody ready?!" I yelled walking down the stairs.

I heard a herd of feet behind me, as everybody came downstairs.

"TO THE BEACH WE GO!!" I yell opening the front door.

" um, rose?" Nora says from behind me.

" I'm going to stay and chill here in the pool.."

I smile at her and nod," I'll stay too.

Louis pouted and I laughed," have fun."

Everybody else headed out and walked down the path that lead to the beach.

"C'mon" I said to Nora," let's check out the pool" I laughed excitedly and ran to the backyard.

A sky blue infinity pool lay at the edge of the property, matching jacuzzi and pool chairs.

I stripped off my coverup and put my bags down on one of the chairs.

I let my hair down, and with my dark blue bikini, stepped into the hot tub. Nora dove into the school and started doing handstands and other tricks. I just laughed and cheered her on.

Nora went to lie down and tan on one of the chairs, I closed my eyes and let the warm water flow over my body.

"Well isn't this a sight for sore eyes?" I hear a deep voice say behind me.

I turned around, shocked to see Zayn.

"They all left without me?" He pouted.

I shrugged," you snooze you lose."

He got into the hot tub next to me and I looked over at Nora to see if she was seeing this. Her eyes were closed and she was listening to music. She was probably asleep by now.

"So," I started. "You broke up with Perrie..."

"No,no" he was quick to interrupt, " she broke up with me."

I rolled my eyes," what'd you do genius?"

"Hey! No need to get all name calley " he said and I laughed.

He sighed, getting a tad more serious," I told her that I don't really feel the same way about her as I did when we first met."

I grimaced," ouch... That's quite harsh."

"I know.. But it just wasn't meant to be." He shrugged.

He looked over at me," hey" he said," don't worry about it" he said placing his palm on my shoulder momentarily. His hand sent shivers down my spine, and sparks exploded throughout my body.

He stood to get up," you okay?"

I nodded, and he got up, seating himself on a chair in the shade, and looked at his phone.

Did I really just get sparks from my sisters boyfriend- ex boyfriend?

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