My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


37. laser tag

Callie's POV

After a long game of pool against Liam, Leanna, and Louis, we joined to watch the epic foosball battle going on between Rose and Zayn.

"YES GO ROSE CRUSH HIM" Louis said rushing to her side with Harry.

Leanna and Liam went to Zayn's side of the table," YOU'VE GOT THIS MATE." Liam yelled and Leanna was enthusiastically clapping.

Niall and Nora climbed the stairs down into the game room and brought five pizzas along with them. They set the pizzas down at the table and came over to the battle.

" who's winning?" Niall asked.

"Rose," I said back," but only by one point.

Suddenly Zayn scored and Zayn's side of the room cheered.

" Now they're tied. Only one point left in the game."

A *plong* of the plastic ball scoring rung across the room, and everyone silenced..

"Wait," Liam called," who scored?"

Rose turned with a smile and Zayn hung his head.

Everyone whooped for rose and cheered.

"Now!" She yelled," PIZZA!!"

We all ran and sat around the large table, helping ourselves to pizza. You could tell that we were hungry because we barely talked over lunch.

I only got one piece of pizza down before it was all gone.

These boys could really eat.


Rose's POV

As we pulled into the laser tag place, I couldn't help but wiggle with excitement.

Zayn chuckled from next to me," you alright?"

I rolled my eyes and punched his arm smiling. "Shut up."

We piled out of the car and made our way into the dark lobby of 'Mystic Adventure'.

They sorted us into two teams, red and purple.

The red team consisted of myself, Leanna, Callie, Zayn,and Harry.

The Purple team was Louis, Liam, Niall, and Nora.

We suited up, and headed into the dark arena, where fog lay over the ground.

I immediately made a break for the ramp, and headed up to the top floor of the arena. I took cover in a corner that I found, and I felt an arm around me.

" Hey" I turn to see Zayn. We take cover and the game begins.

"Cover me?" I ask him.

"I got your back" he smiled at me.


Nora's POV

Liam and I ran as silently as we could to where Niall and Louis waited in the corner.

" what's our plan of attack?"

" I say half of us stake out, the others go for the other team?" Louis suggests.

We all split up, Niall and I staking out, Louis and Liam run towards the red team.

After a lot of 'pew pew- ing' around, the game ends and I look down at my phaser to see my points. I jump up and down once I realize that I've won the game.

Niall wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my forehead," good job Nora, that was amazing!"

I smiled as we all checked the board for our points. Harry came in second place and Zayn in third, although all of the boys seemed a little ticked that I had beaten them.

"Okay guys!" Rose called skipping back towards the arena.

" Second game, here we come!"

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