My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


21. Friends

 Rose's POV

Soon enough it was the night of the concert, and I had agreed to go with Nora and Callie. Louis said he would pick up the girls, picking me up last, and would drive the three of us to the concert.

I was currently staring at my closet completely clueless.

I could go for my baby blue romper with flats, but that's too juvenile. 

I could go for my leather pants and a flowy top, but I didn't really feel like leather.

I grabbed a ruffled black tank top and my skinny jeans and a pair of black converse. I added my periwinkle purse and I actually felt satisfied with the way I looked.

I scurried around my room gathering the essentials. I shoved the tickets in my bag along with a cardigan and headed out the door. I sat on the front step with Perrie and waited.

" I'm really sorry Rose for the way I talked to  you a while back. It's just been bothering me that I was so mean, and I wanted to get it off my chest."

I smiled at her," it's already forgiven" we hugged- or well hugged as much as we could from the positions we were in. 

I heard two honks, and Louis' car pulled up in front of the driveway. Perrie went inside and I got in the car. I sat in the back with Callie and Nora was in the front with Lou. The entire ride was silent until Lou put on music. But even then, he was the only one who was singing along.

We pulled up to the venue and Lou turned around to face me.  

" Nora can you head out with Callie? I want to talk to Rose for a sec. She'll catch up."

They both hopped out of the car, and I handed them the tickets.

Now it was just me and Lou on the outside of the car, leaning our backs against the hood.

" so" I said.
"So" β€¨" what's this about?"

"Geez Rose. I've been trying. I've been really trying to make the feelings go away and dull the sparks I feel for you. They haven't gone anywhere." He hammered out. Immediately covering his mouth with one of his hands. 

" do you like me?" I stupidly asked.

He rolled his eyes at me.

"I'm infatuated with you. You're really remarkable"

I smiled and put my hand on his arm, right above his bicep. 

He looked down at me.

"Can we go out on Friday?"

I giggled and said sure. I quick have him a peck on the cheek, and scurried over to where I saw Nora and Callie disappear to earlier. 

I run up to them and hug them, and instantly everything that was wrong beetween us is right. After all, they are my best friends. And I don't really want some boys to change that. Even if the boys happen to be the stuff dreams are made of.

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