My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


16. Cold shoulder- not even

Liam's POV

I looked over at Callie and saw her head held high as we walked through the halls. Then I examined what she was wearing. She looked different. I finally realized why. Her shoes. instead of her usual converse of combat boots, she was wearing blood red wedges.


She is almost my height now. Its kind of weird though...

Today is her birthday!


I pulled her closer to me as we walked to her locker, where she let out a big sigh.


" fifth year in a row nobody has decorated it. Even with Nora and Piper, nobody decorated it."

I shrugged, and we went to my locker, where I had a surprise for her.


Its really hard keeping a secret from her, especially since we hang out all the time. I rarely have any time without her since what happened with her friends. It's actually a shame.


I know that girls need other friends to survive school. It's part of my surprise.


I covered her eyes with my hand and guided her to my locker.


" Liam, what the heck?" she giggled.


" surprise babe" I uncovered her eyes.


Callie's POV


" Oh my gosh" I gasped.


everything was so beautiful. Everybody was in front of Li's locker holding something different.

Harry was there with a dozen white roses, Niall with a small black can, Louis with a small present wrapped in a square, and Zayn with a large teddy bear. Harry and Zayn came over and gave me hugs.


"Happy birthday love" Harry whispered in my hair.


Liam took the package from Louis and brought it over to me.

he opened it to reveal a gleaming silver necklace. It was a sliver starfish, with jewels around the border of it.


" Liam its beautiful"


He smiled and kissed my cheek, moving behind me and clasping the necklace.


" I have one other present"


Niall came forward with Louis and Harry and they all handed me the black can together.


I popped off the lid to find three tickets to see Lorde live in London.


" OMG" I squealed jumping up and down." Babe this is great! She's my favorite! But why are there three? is Harry coming?"


he shook his head ," I thought you could have a girls night with Nora and Ros- I mean Piper."


I looked back down at the tickets and ran the idea flow over my mind.


" Liam, I would but, they don't really... like me right now."


Niall stepped forward and so did Louis.

" I can convince Nora and Lou can convince Rose"

Everybody glared at Niall.


" What?" he asked, " im on speaking terms with her."


everybody looked ready to punch him but I put my hand up.


" it's fine. He's right. Piper is going to need more convincing than Nora though"

Harry came over to me.

"  I can help Lou. I mean she's been my friend for a while."

 I nodded, " okay. Thanks guys"


the bell rang and we separated ways. Lou and Liam went to Chemistry, Niall and Harry went to gym, so Zayn and I were left to head to History. Oh the Joy.

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