Yours Sincerely | On Hold

There's about a million reasons living with Justin Bieber is a full on never ending nightmare. The most important one being; he's the lord of the douches.
She's pretty and sweet, he's rough and cocky. She's considered the girl next door, while he is the biggest player on the planet.
Out of despise for each other, they've manage to avoid one another the first three years of High School, but when they are forced to spend summer vacation living under the same roof, hell is bound to burst into flames.


6. The drunken truth

The cabin is buzzing and the small barn behind it is filled to the brim with drunk high school and college students, by the time I return from the creek. 

I'm tired and broken, and I'm so not in the mood for any of Justin's friends - or himself for that matter.

The small moment at the creek was the most confusing thing I've ever experienced in my whole life. It may not have lasted that long but it sure as hell did a trick on my mind.

I've come to the conclusion that Justin must be bipolar. That's the only explanation for him doing a 360 with his mood and attitude. Whatever it is, I'm sure as hell not going to hang around him long enough to find out this summer. I'm on a mission, from now on and till we leave this once so safe haven; avoid Bieber with all means.

"Katie-Bear." I shouldn't have turned around, but there's no use denying that I did. In the shadows of a large oak tree, Justin is hiding. He's waving me over, and despite my newly claimed mission my feet are moving me in that exact direction. 

"What do you want?" I'm broken and sad inside, and it's all evident in my voice. The wounds from his stunt at the creek earlier are still fresh, and I'm afraid he's going to lash out and do another one of his damage rants again.

"I just want to talk." He sounds genuine but it's Justin, and I'm pretty sure he has a masters degree in lying, cheating, and manipulating. 

"Sure you do," I roll my eyes at the heaven above. I'm done with him for tonight. "I'm going to bed."

"No stay," before I can even turn around he has a strong grip on both sides of my waist. It doesn't hurt, it just takes me by surprise. "Please?" I must be dreaming. There's no way Justin would ever touch me - violently or gently - and there's sure as hell no way that he would ever say please to anything.


"I want to talk to you," he's brought out his sad puppy dog eyes and there's no way I can resist the jackass in front of me.

"Okay," I agree with a sigh.

"Okay?" I nod in confirmation, and in response to it something starts blazing in his eyes - it looks like hope but it couldn't be, could it?

A pregnant silence has fallen over us, and Justin seems nowhere near earth. Instead he seems lost in my eyes, which is making me more uncomfortable than his hands still wrapped around my waist.

"What do you want to talk about?" I divert my eyes from his to cease some of the awkwardness.

"Why aren't you like other girls?" The question takes me by surprise, and once again I'm staring into his deep brown eyes. I've never heard Justin hit a serious topic like this, and it makes me wonder if there is more depth to him than anyone could've ever imagined.

"You mean those girls who would do anything and take off everything for you?" Despite the surprise that the question stirs within me, fury is blazing hot in my veins. "I'm sorry that I'm not a slut, but here let me take all my clothes off for you." I'm left angry and hurt again. I don't want to look at Justin anymore, so I spin around. I'm ready to head up to my bedroom and let the tears flow.

"No wait," I haven't even taken one step before Justin hand is on my wrist, begging me to turn back around. "That wasn't what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?" I turn around to face him, and again I know it's a mistake. It's as if the boy has a secret spell on me; no matter how hard I try to run from him, he finds a way to pull me right back in.

"I meant - shit I don't know what I meant." He's running his hands through his hair. I've been around him long enough to know that it's a habit that comes out whenever he's nervous or frustrated. "I meant that you're different, and it's cool." 

Another veil of silence falls over us, but this one is less awkward than the other. It's comfortable and quiet. A minute or two goes by before I realize that we're both staring into each other's eyes, as if we're looking for something none of us has officially said.

"You're pretty, you know that right?" It seems as if all Justin does tonight is take my by complete surprise.

"You're drunk," I state the obvious fact.

"I know," a smirk spreads on his lips, though this one is different from his usually arrogant one. "But aren't you supposed to hear the truth from dogs and drunk people?" I can't help but laugh at his question.

"I'm pretty sure it's children and drunk people." 

"Whatever, I still fall under that category." His smile is contagious, and I damn him for having this effect on me - whatever this is.

"Bieber?" Someone calls from the barn. I hope that the oak tree's shadow is enough to provide us shelter from his curious glares. I don't want the moment to end, even though I know it has to at one point.

"I have to go," he whispers. I think I'm going crazy 'cause his face definitely seems closer than before. 

"Okay," I whisper back, unable to break the eye contact.

"Can I come find you later?" Another question that takes me by surprise. This one though, has the ability to make my heart leap in all directions.


"Just say yes, please." I'm definitely insane, because I can't help but think that his lips are getting closer.

"Yes," I grant the permission, and as I do I can't help but feel that I've granted him permission to more than he asked for.

"Bieber?" The stranger calls again, causing a frustrated sigh to slip past Justin's lips. 

"I'll kill that guy," he groans before he pulls away from me. With one last glance at me he disappears out of the oak tree's shadow and into the light, breaking off the little moment we've had.

I'm even more confused about everything than before. There is one thing though that I'm a hundred percent sure of now; I'm not going insane, his lips was definitely getting closer.

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