Yours Sincerely | On Hold

There's about a million reasons living with Justin Bieber is a full on never ending nightmare. The most important one being; he's the lord of the douches.
She's pretty and sweet, he's rough and cocky. She's considered the girl next door, while he is the biggest player on the planet.
Out of despise for each other, they've manage to avoid one another the first three years of High School, but when they are forced to spend summer vacation living under the same roof, hell is bound to burst into flames.


2. Summer lovin' torture party


I still can't help but feel a slight flutter of nervous butterflies as the car pulls up to the cabin, even though I've been here so many times before. I've spend a week in it every summer with Carly and her family, but this time it's different. This year there will be no Mrs and Mr Smith, and this year there will be no leaving after only a week.

I'm surprised my mom even agreed to it, but after the news of Ryan, Carly's older brother, spending the summer in the cabin as well, reached her ears she was almost ecstatic to see me go.

A breath, that I hadn't even realized I was holding in, slips passed my lips as I catch sight of the cabin. It looks just the same as it did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

My shoulders relax and I feel a huge burden lift from my shoulder, I'm relieved, yet surprised, that I was able to keep the tiny detail about this summer from her; just as Carly was bringing me, her best friend since my mom forced me to go play with her on the swings when I was 5, Ryan was bringing one of his friends, and even though the detail really was tiny I just knew that my mom would flip out the moment she found out, and I don't even think that her joy over the possibility of Ryan and I spending time together this summer would appeal to my case if she found out.

I had always suspected, in the back of my mind somewhere, that my mother desired for me to find happiness with Ryan, even if it wasn't real happiness. I can't help but cringe at the idea; Ryan is like an older brother to me, and even though he is undeniably handsome with his ideal Prince Charming look, then I just can't picture myself with him nor can I find it in me to please my mother, I never have.

"You ready?" She asks with a huge smile plastered on her face, as she reaches for the door handle. I'm beyond ecstatic, my whole body tingling with excitement as I shoot her a quick smile and step into the cabin. It smells like it always does; of firewood and saltwater. The mixture is heavenly and brings back childhood memories, the good kinds and not the bad ones I experience every day.

I didn't bring much with me, because I have my own room filled with clothes, left over from last summer, and books I've read a hundred times upstairs, but my weekend bag is starting to get heavy as I take in the never changing scene of the living room, so I stroll for the staircase, taking two steps at a time unable to wait till the moment I step into my warm and welcoming room. 

As I reach the top of the stairs a strong scent of an unfamiliar cologne fills my nostrils, the boys must have arrived already. I really wasn't looking forward to spending the summer with two messy teenage boys, this was my space, my safe haven and I had no desire for either of them to ruin it, but after hours of whining to Carly it was made clear that if I wanted to keep my summer tradition going, I would have to just "grow a pair and suck it up", as Carly so lady like had put it.

At first sight the hallway seems as the rest of the house; a never changing scene, but as a colorful piece of fabric comes flying out of my bedroom door I'm brought to realization that something seems out of place, if it's the huge pile of all my stuff in front of my bedroom door or something else I can't tell.

Wait, what?

I take a couple of quick steps and soon enough I'm hovering over the huge pile of my almost all my clothes, a few books and a pair of shoes tossed on top of each other in one big pile of mess. 

As confusion settles into my body, yet another piece of fabric comes flying through the air, landing right in front of my feet on top of the growing pile, soon after a picture frames follows.

"Excuse me?" I snap as I take a step into my bedroom, while dodging a left shoe being tossed my way. The scent of cologne gets sharper and stronger instantly. What the flipping flip?

"You're excused," the stranger, currently going through my underwear drawer, shrugs with his back still turned on me. 

I rush to the dresser and force myself in front of the stranger, pressing my back against the drawer and thereby closing it. No way in heaven I'm letting a complete stranger go through my underwear.

"Nice granny panties," a smirk is evident in his voice as my eyes focus on a pair of my panties dangling from his hand.

"What in heaven do you think you're doing?" I snap the panties from his hands and tug them into my back pocket. I can literally feel the crimson blush sneaking up on me and betraying me.

"Clearing out my room," he shrugs and I finally dare to lay my eyes upon his face. 

I swear I can hear my jaw hit the flaw as I recognize the arrogant smirk and the piercing brown eyes. He looks just as heartbreakingly handsome as he did only a few hours earlier. The summer assembly in the high school gym is when I last saw him, as he walked, glowing with a never fading confident smirk plastered on his face, straight up to the principal with a stripper on each arm.


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