The lockdown

Children are in a lockdown for days and come to some pretty dangerous problems with this bad guy


6. day 6: the savor

We wake up to a gunshot. An hour after that I have to go to the bathroom. I go to the bathroom. My tears are silent just then I hear footsteps. The gunman. He kicks the stall doors open as he walks down. I realize that I didn't lock my stall door. My silent tears are coming down fast. My heart beating so fast. Is this the end.

Just then my stall door gets kicked open. He raises his gun at me. "Put your hands up" a voice behind him says. It's the cops. WE ARE SAVED I say to my class mates.

We get out side and there are like a thousand cop cars there. Our moms there rushing to us. My mom says "are you okay".

To this day I am still sooooo scared to go to school. Due to this lockdown it tought me something. When something scares you don't be scared it probably senses fear.

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