The lockdown

Children are in a lockdown for days and come to some pretty dangerous problems with this bad guy


2. day 2

Day 2. We wake up to a dead body. "He came in last night and threatened me. He said he would kill me if I didn't go back to sleep" said Margret. Margret had to go to the bathroom. "I have to go ". "Be very very quiet go to the closest bathroom" said the teacher. "Ok" said Margret.

Margret's view

I leave the class room and hear footsteps. It is him the gunman. He says to me "I told you to go to sleep" he said. "I know but-". He shoots me.

Mathews view

We hear a gun shot. She is dead. We all start crying. An hour later she doesn't return. We know for sure she is dead. That wasn't the only gunshot we heard. We heard about half a dozen. Time to go to sleep now. We go to sleep we should awake to another incident.

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