Hunger Games Book 1

Meet Kayde Mason, sister of Johanna, and soon to be contestant in the 74th annual Hunger Games, Kayde is a clever, athletic, and cunning 14 year old girl living in District 7. You'll be in on all the action through the reaping, game prepping, and survival.


2. Reaping Part 2

"And District 7's female tribute is..." "Kayde Mason..." Freema announces. I was lost for words and obviously actions. I couldn't hear a thing because everything seemed silent. All I remember was being hauled up to the stage and being welcomed by Freema. I don't feel welcome at all. Another boy beside me was hauled up to the stage, too. We were forced to shake hands even though neither of us were really able to function. I didn't have any thoughts. All I could think of was before the reaping. Arriving at the reaping with all the other victors early. Worrying about the people I care about and their odds of being picked. There was no way out of this... "And here you have your 74th annual tributes of District 7..." Freema announces. No one applauds or says anything obviously. No reaction from the crowd. Just relief and sorrow.


I'm not sure if it's wrong to not like the other boy tribute because he doesn't pronounce my name right. I know my name looks a lot like Kade but it's pronounce Kay-dee. I didn't tell him that just because I was in disbelief of everything surrounding me. I didn't say a word to Casen, the other victim of the Hunger Games... I have nothing to say to anyone until I talk to Rame. The only good part of this all is Johanna is my mentor. I can imagine it will be hard for her and the rest of my family to visit me before I leave because that will be their second daughter leaving for the Hunger Games. What's strange is I haven't even thought about how I could ever win the Games.

We arrive at the prep area where we say our good byes to family, friends, and any other visitors. I'm speechless. I have no idea what to say to them. "See you later, unless you see me get killed" or "I guess this is goodbye, for good." I'm in a room with a couch, night stand, and small TV where I assume is just a temporary waiting room until the train takes off. The first people to come in is my mom and all my siblings. She looks like she's been crying and so does my other brother Percy. Percy and I were almost really close when we were little. He'd play games with me, run around, and we'd talk for hours about leaving District 7 and going somewhere that's safe, no Peacekeepers, no games unless it's the fun kind, and all the food you could dream of. Now Percy is sixteen and works cutting trees down all day. He's built, handsome, and a great person. I have four other siblings. There's Share and Dairus, I call the double duo and Weiren and Jacey, the oldest twins. I don't see much of any of my siblings in all honesty because they are all living in the victor's village, except Percy and I.

While we say our good byes and hug each other, Percy holds my hands and speaks to me softly. "Don't worry about anything else in the arena besides yourself. I'll take care of Rame and his mom. You take care of yourself. I love you." He kisses me on the cheek and leaves. Seeing him go brought tears to my eyes. As soon as they all leave Rame comes in slowly. He walks over to me and embraces me. "Kayde you know you're my best friend on the whole planet and I love you so much and can't lose you," he says. Those words almost kills me and I don't what to say back. I don't say anything. I just cry and hold him longer. We sit there for a while until the Peacekeeper comes in. Rame gives me one last hug and kisses me on the lips. Rame is attractive and a sweet guy. I've been best friends with him forever and I like him as a friend. But did that kiss do something to our friendship. I'm not sure, maybe just because it could be the last time I see him. He leaves and gives me one last look. It just makes me more sad.

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