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5. Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

I climb up the rickety stairs to the tree house; Whenever Luke was upset he would climb into this tree house and just sit there until he finally felt better, it was some childhood memory/habit or something he told me.  Finding  your girlfriend kissing another guy would probably make you sad, so i knew exactly where to find him.

“Lukey. He kissed me, I did nothing I swear.”

“Go away Y/N.” His hisses from the shadows; I look around, spotting him sitting in a dusty corner of the small wooden tree house.

“Luke, I told you. I’m really sorry, It was-" I crawl on my hands and knees until I am sitting on the dirty and mouldy wood next to him.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, I trusted you. I trusted you and you completely broke my heart- And now you expect me to just let it go?” He asks looking down onto his dirty sneakers; his arms were wrapped tightly around his legs, which were nestled tightly into his stomach.

sadly it was true. He basically handed me his heart the first time, I couldn't say that i loved him back and that broke his heart, he gave me my second chance, some guy from school came up to me and kissed me…and Luke thinks I kissed him. It was all a misunderstanding…

“I don’t expect for you to forgive me, but I need you to forgive me. Even if I don’t get another chance, just your forgiveness is enough.”

“Why should I forgive you, you don’t deserve it” I shift uncomfortably, a little hurt by his words. I watch him closely, every part of him but he just stays in that position, not moving a muscle.

“I love you Luke. I would never do this to you, I mean it.”

“How do I know you’re not lying and that you actually love me? And why do you even bother with me anyway? I’m nothing compared to that guy, just look at me.” He says rubbing his arm, not moving any other body part.

“I’m not and I bother with you and only you because you’re different, you may not be as ‘fit’ or as ‘bulky’ as those other guys, but you’re you. You don’t need to be more muscular, i love you the way you are. That’s why I like you.” I look towards him, his head turning to look at me for a slight second, his expression blank. His blue eyes turn towards the ground.

“I mean it.” I emphasise, biting on the inside of my mouth.

His head drops towards the ground as he speaks slowly, staring to his sneakers. “Why didn’t you say it the first time we were together... yet you say it now?”

“I know this may sound clique but, I couldn’t. I was afraid of falling, and I was, afraid of not knowing whether you’d be there to catch me… It would’ve been the first time I ever liked  someone thar much. But now I know you will be there, i hop you'll be ther.”

We sit there in silence for a while, just the sound of Luke and I’s breathing. I watched his every move; the way his chest moved up and down… With every exhale he took, I quietly inhaled. When he inhaled, I did the opposite.

He could sense I was watching him, I could tell. He held his breath and closed his eyes, I watched his angel- like features the way a hawk stalks its prey. I held my breath as well, hopeful.

He breathed out deeply before tilting his gentle gaze towards me; his crystal blue eyes locked on mine straight away, the both of us not looking away for one second. Why did he have to be so perfect?

“You only think he’s perfect; because he’s in a band, because he’s attractive, because he’s mates with One Direction, blah blah blah.” That wasn't the case with Luke, he was perfect because he was Luke.

He was perfect from the way he ate, to the way he would try and make jokes that obviously weren't funny or the way he would act so shy and quiet in front of new people but when you got to know him he was the most amazing, out going person you could ever meet. And I loved him for that.

Luke is the type of guy that would tell you “It’s gonna be okay.” Even when he knows it won’t. He is the type of guy that would make an excuse that you looked cold, just so he could cuddle up and be closer to you.

“I was there for you. But you just weren’t there for me.” He mumbles softly, just audible over the rustic leaves blowing around on the ground below.

I open my mouth about to…


 “You okay Y/N? You've been looking at that wall for ages .”

“Oh, ah, yeah. I was just thinking back to that time when we were in the treehouse, the  first time I told you that I loved you… remember?”

“Oh, yeah… I remember that day. And after that me being upset, we made-out all afternoon... and you lost your vigin-”

That was the first day me and Luke really got together if you know what I mean…

“Shhh-  Luke.” I cut him off covering his mout h-more like half his face- with my hand; before smiling slightly at the memory, trying to keep my smile from falling off my face...

“It’s our wedding, I don’t see why not.” Luke laughs as he kisses my forehead, before returning his attention to his brother who suddenly out the front holding a wine glass as he blabbed on about how he always knew me and Luke were perfect together.


Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. –Dr Seuss



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