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None of these imagines are intended to be real, they are simply made up from our twisted imaginations...

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11. Luke Hemmings (For Hemmings____)

Luke Hemmings (For Hemmings____)

Luke is love, Luke is life.

THE END, nah we're just joking...


I forced a smile onto my face, the wind blowing my hair gently into my face. He was pure sex on legs. He stood there looking like a Abercrombie model in his american apparel underwear, he smirked before taking a step towards the edge of the bridge.

"Yolo." He said before leaping out into the cool winter air. My huge grin faded as I watched him fall down into the lagoon below. I shivered, i was next and heights scared me to death. My underwear clung to my body, barely protecting some areas from the cooling wind that passed by me.

I stared down into the murky water, my heart sinking. A few seconds passed as my heart began to leap out of my chest, the wind creating goosebumps along my arms.


"Luke......... Luke, where the fuck are ya mate..." I whispered under my breath, suddenly feeling worried.

A ripple tore through the top of the water, my breath slowing down but not completely all the way.

His head appeared above the water as he started to gasp for air, coughing out water. He was fine.



"You're alive? Don't do that to me, you scared the living shit out of me!!" I shouted down to him below.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine! It's nothing, don't worry." He yelled back at me.

"Here goes nothing..." I mumbled to myself as I made my way closer to the side of the bridge, my hands shaking and my legs as flimsy as jelly about to collapse from under me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, my palms clenched. I took a deep breath, my stomach doing backflips as the wind began to pick up, this time making goosebumps form all over my half naked body. I inched forward, my toes barely over the edge of the wooden plank.

I took another cautious step forward.

I did it. I stepped off the edge of the bridge, my arms waving aimlessly in the air around me. A high pitched scream escaping my mouth as my body was suddenly drenched in the cool icy water.

I opened my eyes, the blue liquid around me silenced as I stared up into the bright sunlight that pierced through the waters surface. It felt good, relaxing even. It was like a whole other world under the waters surface. From faraway view it seemed like just a lagoon, but it's only once you swim in it you truly see it's serenity.

I returned to reality as I began to make my way to the waters surface as my arms cut cleanly through the blurry water, my legs propelling me upwards. I desperately swam to the surface, breathing for air, my whole body tingling with adrenaline.

"Luke! Luke! I did it!" I screamed, bobbing on top of the water.

"Luke!! Lu-" A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, causing me to jump.

"You did it Amanda. I told you you'd do fine!" He spoke gently into my ear as my smile widened across my face.

"Well if it weren't for your goofy act before I would've thought you got hurt or even worse." I spoke matter of factly.

"I'm sorry baby, I would never mean to scare you like that hun." He turned me around so we were now facing each other, our faces centimetres apart, our bodies pressed closely together.

"Nup-" I say paddling out of his grip as I attempted to get away.

"C'mon babe, don't make me look like a fool." He chuckled swimming after me.

"Who is there to look like a fool in front of you idiot" I giggled, playfully shoving his chest with my palm.

"You." He pulled my face to his, kissing me passionately with both of his hands securely on both sides of my face.

I love you Luke.


Love is like water, it keeps flowing. Even when the rock of life tries to stop it.


*We're sorry about the pun's and stuff in the beginning, we were having 'one of those days'*


Authors Note:

~Like and Favourite for more imagines~


Amanda, We're so sorry that it is like 3 weeks late!! But we don't regularly come online but when we do we try our best to write it super fast and get it published (it kinda explains why this imagine is so crap) And also, we hadn't written in ages...

We're honestly so sorry,

-Mikayla & Erika xx (:

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