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None of these imagines are intended to be real, they are simply made up from our twisted imaginations...

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6. Harry Styles (For Elin1DForever)

Harry Styles (For Elin1DForever)


I lied down onto the light and fluffy grass, my blonde hair falling around my face, the sweet scent of daisies wafted around us.

Here we both lay; in the middle of an over-grown daisy field at 7:32 at night, the wind blowing softly as the daisies moved in sync with each other in a sea of colourless petals. This was our third space, it was our own ‘Hazel and Augustus like’ infinite.

The two of us would always just lay here, enjoying each other’s company in silence, just watching the clouds until it got dark- but today was different, we arrived after sundown, today was unplanned but that was what I loved about our relationship, it was always so unexpected.

I turned to look at him and in the night I could barely see his piercing green eyes staring up into the clouds above, his hair messy and everywhere like always. In the shade of the night his features were softened, making him look innocent- yet his jawline was strong and shadowed by the dim moon-light.

“I-I love you.” I barely whisper, my words soft yet just loud enough for him to hear, but he doesn’t respond.

‘Maybe he didn’t hear me’ I think to myself; somewhat glad that if he had heard it could’ve been the wrong thing to say. We couldn’t be together because of my parents; they disapproved of Harry but we always found time to see each other without them knowing, they thought he was a bad influence on me and my grades. Except soon it would all be over, we got caught once by my parents and now I’m moving away, there was no chance of me staying here.

We lay still some more; just listening to both of our breathing, my mind drifting onto the subject of love and how a reckless teen like me fell in love with a guy that probably didn’t feel the same, one sided love hurts.

I wanted to repeat myself; I was so curious of what he was thinking, butterflies formed in my stomach as the words poured out of my slightly parted lips; “I love you Ha-”.

“I heard you the first time,” He cuts me off mid-sentence, I sigh the slightest. I turn my head back up to the sky; staring up to the full moon above, my curiosity was growing of why he wouldn’t say it back...

“Elin, run away with me?” He asks out of no-where; suddenly taking my left hand in his, stroking it softly.

“I’m sorry… Why do you want to run away?” I asked, sitting up to face him. He mimics my movements by sitting up straight so we were both facing each other, his eyes not leaving mine for the slightest second.

He looks down towards the ground, biting his lip before turning back to me. “To get away from everything; our problems, our lives, the drama- everything.” He responds simply, obvious that he had given it some thought.

“What’s going to happen after Harry? What’s going to happen when the fun part’s over and we’ve got no-where to go and no-one to turn to? My own parents would dis-own me and change the locks.”

“We have each other and that’s all that matters. Just me and you, together. Wherever we go and whatever we do doesn’t matter because I don’t care. I only care about you Elin, I love you. ” We stare into each other’s eyes, his eyes seem to have this never ending gleam in them- the way they sparkled every time he blinked, like there was this never-ending gleam of hope in his eyes.

“Let’s do it.” I spoke enthusiastically yet an unsure feeling sat in my stomach, but I didn’t flinch.

“Tomorrow we’ll do it.” He replies, his dimples just visible, he lies back down on the ground, pulling me down with him so my head was now resting on his muscular chest.

“Why tomorrow? I thought we would leave tonight, now even…?” I asked confused, slightly hypnotised by his sweet musky scent.

“Tomorrow is just a dream for now, today is all about experiencing our lives and just enjoying having nothing to lose; not worrying about anything or anyone- just getting everything off our minds. Just me and you thinking back on our adventure so far and dreaming about the one we’re going to start tomorrow.” I smile, that is why I love Harry; he was always so positive and somewhat optimistic, those were the traits that made Harry, well Harry.


How did two reckless teens like us fall in love I wonder.


It’s the unexpected that changes our lives, so dream the unexpected, think the unexpected and do the unexpected.




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So, this was our first personal imagine…

Sorry Elin if you didn’t like your imagine, our week has been really busy because we basically just started school- Sorry again if you didn’t like it, but we hope you do!

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